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bangladesh administrative service

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And these sorts of studies help us to gather practical knowledge. Under each ministry or division there are attached departments, subordinate offices and Para Statal bodies. The merger took place with a vision to integrate (both human and non-human resources), pool diverse ideas and experiences and widen scope of interactions between different cadres and services. ASRC was headed by Professor Muzaffar Ahmed Choudhury, the then Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University. In addition, BPSC also performs functions in the field of personnel research, such as to compile data and analyze statistically the aptitudes (including academic, socio-economic, regional and institutional backgrounds) of persons seeking government employment. Number of members to be appointed is not constitutionally specified, but is fixed by a Presidential ordinance issued in 1977, at fifteen (minimum being six) including the chairman. The Bangladesh judicial system comprises four judicial institutions: a) The Supreme Court, b) The Subordinate Courts, c) The Magistracy, and. He has to ensure that funds allocated to the ministry/division and other organizations attached to the ministry/division are spent in accordance with rules/laws for the time being in force. Subsequently the BCS was reorganized and the number of service cadres increased to 29. On the other hand, general administration, delivery of public services, and implementation of development program, and so on, are carried out at sub-national levels-divisions, districts. The secretary is responsible for the collection, examination, analysis, evaluation and synthesization of the data, facts and figures, and the evidences on which the minister formulates the policy or decision. In order to outline procedures for this decentralization project, he appointed the Committee for Administrative Reorganization/Reforms, which instituted sweeping changes in local administration. The local government was thus made a handiwork of the district magistrate. In formulating policy on the subject allotted to more than one ministry, inter-ministerial consultation is mandatory. The task of the ministry is to assist the minister and the other members of the committee to deal with issues that are raised in the committee. It includes primarily the policy level organizations when referred to collectively. Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country on 16 December 1971 following a nine-month war of liberation. It was initially created in the form of an apex cadre named as Senior Services Pool (SSP) in 1979 (later abolished in 1989) to permit the brightest from all occupational groups to rise to the top of the civil service. Bangladesh - Bangladesh - Government and society: While Bangladesh’s constitution of 1972 specifies a parliamentary form of government under a prime minister and a president elected by a national assembly, its implementation has been interrupted by coups. In dealing with such issues, the ministry is guided by laid down rules and instructions issued from time to time by the Ministries of Finance, Establishment and the cabinet division. Although the civilian court system continued to function, violations of martial law ordinances were handled by these extraconstitutional martial law tribunals, where active-duty military officers met in secret sessions to try cases ranging from violations of press censorship to vaguely defined “antisocial activities.” Those convicted of political crimes had no right of appeal, and defendants were tried in absentia. The cabinet division directly controls the upazila nirbhahi officers, deputy commissioners and divisional commissioners. If we have had enough time and given proper information, it was for sure that we could have developed a much better report on this topic. The executive power of the Republic, according to the twelfth amendment, shall be exercised by the Prime Minister and his/her cabinet shall be collectively responsible to the Jatiya Sangsad. Although there was some speculation that Zia’s widow, Begum Khalida Ziaur Rahman, and Mujib’s daughter, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, would be candidates, Sattar ran against a number of political unknowns in the November election and won the presidential election with two-thirds of the vote. Upon approval by the cabinet, the ministry of law gives legislative shape to the proposed law, and after that it is referred to relevant standing committee in the Sangsad. Senior Selection Pool – The SSP comprises the top six civil service grades, starting from the posts of Deputy Secretary to Secretary including the equivalent posts outside the Secretariat, which are filled by suitable persons from both cadre and nonreader class I services. Bestowing the company with the diwani of the Suba-Bangla was the result of two treaties, one with the Emperor Shah Alam ii (12 Aug. 1765) and the other with Nawab Nazmuddaula (30 Sept. 1765). Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Division, Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs. After the elections of 1991 the country adopted a parliamentary form of government which necessitated a revision of the existing rules of business, although the basic structure and contents of the revised rules remained much the same. In the secretariat we had to go for almost three times to fix an appointment with the authorized person. Bangladesh Public Service Commission is a constitutional body established primarily to recruit persons for various services and posts in the government. The Ministry of Establishment is in overall charge of supervising the activities of the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC). The Constitution specifies that BPSC shall conduct tests and examinations for selection of persons for appointment to the government service, advise the President (i.e. Government from the top down was the general rule for the Indian Civil Service and later the Pakistani and early Bangladeshi civil services. After Zia’s assassination, Vice President Sattar became acting president and, as the Constitution stipulates, called for new elections for president within 180 days. You can apply online. The secretary keeps the minister-in-charge informed of the working of the ministry/division. Nirbahi officers and other sub district technical personnel were allowed to participate in sub district council meetings, but only as nonvoting members. The secretary has the power to call for any case from the additional secretary/joint secretary for his own consideration and to request that he is consulted in any particular case before it is submitted to the minister. These zonal offices, in effect, acts as liaison offices. Generally, trainees of the administrative cadre attend the Academy’s prescribed professional training course on completion of the compulsory foundation training course with new recruits of all other cadres from Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre, Savar, Dhaka. The remaining members of the union council were chosen by the mouza councils, with each member of the union council representing three or four villages. Professor Nurul Islam Chowdhury, MNA and Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury, MPA (Southeast Zone); Dewan Farid Gazi, MNA and Shamsur Rahman Khan (Northeast Zone); Lt. Col. M A Rab, MNA (East Zone); Matiur Rahman and Abdur Rauf, MNA (North Zone); Azizur Rahman and Ashraful Islam (West Zone), MNA; M A Rauf Chowdhury, MPA and Phani Bhushan Majumdar, MPA (Southwest Zone). The Constitution was fundamentally amended in January 1975. First, to oversee the functions of each ministry there is a parliamentary standing committee. In fact, some of the attached departments are designated as directorates, for example, the police directorate, the directorates of social welfare, health, family welfare, etc. You should check the right job post if you are an educated, job candidate. The secretary’s senior aides include a joint secretary, controller of examinations, chief psychologist, two deputy secretaries, and seven directors. The rules of business specify in clear terms that no ministry/division shall, without previous consultation with the cabinet division, issue or authorize any order which involves-, A change in the existing allocation of business among different ministries/divisions; and. After the assassination of President Zia as part of a local military rebellion in Chittagong in May 1981, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party fell into conflicting factions that could not be controlled by Zia’s successor, President Abdus Sattar. The uniqueness of medieval administration lies in the fact that despite frequent changes in dynasties, it bore the main characteristics of several centuries old institutions which the Turko-Afghans carried with them to India. The assigned duty of each of the ministers was to aid and advise the President; the latter also could get things done by officers subordinate to him. Similar provincial level commissions were subsequently established, including the Bengal Public Service Commission in 1937, following the formation of responsible governments in the provinces in pursuance of provisions made in the Government of India Act, 1919, and thereafter in the Government of India Act, 1935. Remuneration and privileges of the President, Prime Minister, and other ministers. The subordinate office means an office of the government which has not been declared as an attached department and which normally does not deal directly with any ministry/division. In practice, however, the responsibility of BPSC is not as extensive as it may appear, for the President may, by order made after consulting the commission, exclude any of the constitutionally specified matters from the commission jurisdiction. The implementation of the policies as adopted by the division/ministries is normally carried out by a number of executive agencies. In the late 1980s, plans called for the expansion of representation at the district level, and the controversial District Council (Zila Parishad) Bill of 1987 was the first step in this direction. Government Organizations of Bangladesh. Attached department means the department that has direct relation with a ministry/division and has been declared as such by the government. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was then interned in Pakistan, was elected President, Syed Nazrul Islam Vice President and Tajuddin Ahmed Prime Minister. Throughout its history, one of the main challenges to the Bangladeshi government has been finding ways to involve people in democratic politics at every administrative level. A subordinate office is an office of the Government which has not been declared as attached department and normally does not deal directly with any ministry/division. Three days after the coup, Supreme Court justice Abdul Fazal Muhammad Ahsanuddin Chowdhury became interim president. Administration in Bengal never remained the same always. The practice of administrative law and lawmaking specializes in advising clients on issues related to the exercise of control powers and the provision of public services by state authorities. In fact, a number of presidential orders issued so far have progressively excluded important categories of employment from BPSC’s jurisdiction. Positions in the countryside were less popular, but the long tradition of bureaucratic elitism and subservience to government officials made the local administrator of the civil service an influential person in the community. Details of the typical organizational set-up of the ministry or division run as follows: An additional secretary or a joint secretary working just below the secretary is normally designated as the head of a wing. The twenty-nine BCS cadres so far created include BCS administration, education, trade, and economic services, and so on. The Culture of Tadbir: The Building Block of Administrative Decisions in the Bangladesh Civil Service. Personnel management at the top level, i.e. It originated from the Central Superior Services of Pakistan which was derived from the colonial legacy of the former British Empire-controlled Indian Civil Service. These rules were issued again on 30 May 1946 with minor modifications. This set-up was retained almost intact in Bangladesh after liberation. Established on 21 October 1987, the Academy was initially responsible for imparting training to young and mid-level officers belonging to the BCS administration cadre only, though the BCS (Foreign Service) officers had been attached to it for sometime between 1989 and 1996. People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh). The exclusive white rule, as envisioned and institutionalized by Lord Cornwallis lost viability under the changed circumstances. Prime Minister (PeoplesRepublic of Bangladesh). thanas (upazila)- representing the central level ministries and divisions, as well as the line departments/ Directorates attached to the ministries/divisions. Wing means a self-contained subdivision of a ministry/division for conducting specified duties of a distinct nature. In the late 1980s, the chief government official in charge of local projects and development efforts was the sub district project management (upazila nirbahi) officer, who directed a staff of about 250 technical and administrative officers. Initially the members of the CSP, EPCS and EPSS were inducted to SSP automatically. The highest ranking civil servant is the Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of the People's Republic of Bangladesh who is also the Cabinet Secretary. Administrative Reformsofficial attempts aimed at restructuring or reorganising the existing governmental structure and its mode of functioning. The second part of the report contained recommendations regarding the reorganization of the secretariat system and procedure of work, ministerial and departmental organization, and district and local government administration. The chairman and members are appointed by the president (in practice on the advice of the prime minister) for five-year terms, or for periods not exceeding the appointees’ age of sixty two. Precisely, the rules of business constitute the procedures of transaction of business of the government and allocation of functions among various ministries/divisions. They have often been slow to cooperate with elected members of local committees. Approved projects are executed by the relevant agencies under the ministry. The posts of Secretary and Additional Secretary remained open for officers of all service cadres. 25 of 1973) was promulgated in March 1973 which in effect formally regularized the establishment of the two commissions in existence since May 1972. We can only reconstruct glimpses of different aspects of it. The Secretariat has an officer designated as secretary who acts as its chief executive officer. However, there were major problems with this scheme of decentralized administration. The Constitution of Bangladesh defines the composition and functions of the commission in a chapter (2 of part IX) of five articles. It was during the rule of the Pala kings that the central administrative machinery was established in Bengal upon the structure of the Gupta provincial administration. There are no special qualifications for appointment except the requirement that at least one-half of the members must be persons who have held offices in the government service for at least twenty years. Under the constitution adopted in 1962, new rules of business were then framed under article 81 of the constitution which was revised from time to time. Before independence in 1971, the provincial government of East Pakistan was virtually a replica of the central government of Pakistan. Since 1972, the Constitution has undergone certain amendments and changes, some by way of constitutional amendments and some under Martial Law Proclamation Orders. The national average salary for a Administrative Officer is 202,500 in Bangladesh. the National Implementation Committee for Administrative Reorganization. Includes location map. By late January 1972, an enlarged new cabinet was formed and the Secretariat was reorganized with 19 ministries. An additional secretary/ a joint secretary within his sphere assume full responsibility and submit all cases directly to the minister for orders. The Acting President then delivered his speech. The planning wing is entrusted with the responsibilities of preparation of annual development programmes and project documents. Thus the people had a direct electoral role at the village level, and they had a voice in choosing influential chairmen at the union and sub district levels. Director, Youth Camp: Wing Commander S R Mirza; Director, Information and Publicity Department: M R Akhtar Mukul; Director, Department of Films: Abdul Jabbar Khan; Director, Arts and Design: Quamrul Hasan; Relief Commissioner: J G Bhowmik. After the partition of India in 1947, when almost all administrative organs had to be created afresh, both East Pakistan and West Pakistan heavily relied on the managerial expertise of professional managers from the old Indian Civil Service. There was no such division in the provincial secretariat in former East Pakistan. They will appoint a total of 16 people in 8 posts. HDX - Tag Bot updated the dataset Bangladesh - Subnational Administrative Boundaries 1 month ago HDX - Tag Bot updated the dataset Bangladesh - Subnational Administrative Boundaries 1 month ago HDX - Tag Bot updated the dataset Bangladesh - Subnational Administrative Boundaries 1 month ago Thus Ministries of Finance and Planning each has three divisions. Each mouza or mahalla, the size of which was determined by census data-gathering techniques, contained about 250 households. Zia’s administration reestablished public order, which had deteriorated during the Mujib years. Twenty-four special and summary martial law courts directly involved the military in local administration. These persons made decisions that strengthened their own patronage networks and influence at the local level; the poorest strata in society had little direct voice in elected committees (Local Elites). He is further responsible for careful observance of the rules in the ministry/division, attached departments and subordinate offices. Grades – These are the titles and ranks attached to particular jobs within a given group or class. Police administration Cornwallis abolished the police powers of the nizamat. Subordinate offices generally work as field agencies responsible for detailed execution of government policies. After liberation the existing structure of the provincial administration was transformed into an administration of national government. 1985 Structure of SSP, Cabinet Sub-Committee (CSC), June 3, 1987 Review SSP and Promotion Aspects, National Pay Commission (NPC-Ill), August, 1989, Pay, Administration Reorganization Committee (ARC), Organizational Structure and Personnel Management, August 1993, National Pay Commission (NPC-IV), August 1996 Pay, Public Administration Reform Commission (PARC). An average village in the late 1980s contained 1,300 to 1,400 people. The chairmen of the union councils formed the voting membership of the council at the sub district level, along with three appointed women and another appointed member, usually a former freedom fighter. His status is four steps above that of the other secretaries in the warrant of precedence. In fact, lack of positive data is the most important hurdle in the way of reconstructing a systematic and consistent history of the administration of Bengal from the earliest times to the advent of the Muslims. Singhavarman and his son Chandravarman of Puskarana (Pokharna in Bankura district) enjoyed the title of Maharaja. This reorganization had to be taken up in order to assist the National Pay Commission of 1972 in determining new pay scales. Rules of Business are framed by the competent authorities for the purpose of allocating as well as transacting government business. The 10 Best Administration Services in Bangladesh. Every regime ruled partly by decrees, partly by constitution. Thus, BPATC inheres a rich legacy, and sets a unique model of integrated training in the fields of public administration and management. It was then a constituent unit of the ministry of cabinet affairs of the government-in-exile. The Constitution stipulates in specific terms that BPSC shall, not later than the first day of March each year, prepare and submit to the President an annual report on the performance of its functions during the previous year. The main functions of the cabinet division are-. But to give effect to the provisions on public service commissions in the constitution adopted in November 1972, a fresh Presidential Order (President’s Order No. The officers of the BCS information cadre are also posted to every ministry as information officers. Ershad moved forcibly to end corruption and reorganize the government. Parliamentary form of government, president is head of the State and prime minister is head of government. Administration in Bengal- a historic review. Branch means sections grouped together headed by a deputy secretary or an officer of equivalent rank. Organizational Structure, December 1996 Managerial Framework, and Human Resource Development, Administrative and Services Reorganization Committee. The allocation of functions among the ministries/ divisions is made in accordance with the rules of business issued by the President in exercise of his powers conferred under article 55 (6) of the Constitution. Civil service members, heirs of a long tradition of elite government, took orders from sub district council chairmen because the latter wrote the annual evaluations of nirbahi officers which served as the basis for promotion within the civil service. One of the most important tasks Zia faced was to change the direction of the country. The responsibility for allocation of business rests with the cabinet division. But the circumstances like the growth of nationalism, terrorism, First World War led the British to liquidate the empire in phases. The Academy is attached to the Ministry of Establishment and is located at Shahbag of Dhaka city in a building that used to house the Gazetted Officers’ TrainingAcademy during the Pakistan period and the Civil Officers’ TrainingAcademy after independence. Hasibul Islam. Hence a body designated as Public Service Commission, Eastern Pakistan (renamed later East Pakistan Public Service Commission) came into being in East Bengal (later named East Pakistan) in August 1947. The evaluation and monitoring of such projects are done by the ministry in monthly meetings held to review progress of each project. The cabinet division is responsible for the preparation of a monthly report in the form of a resume on the activities of all ministries/divisions and its submission to cabinet meetings. It also prepares an annual report on the activities of different ministries/divisions for its submission to the cabinet. 34 of 1972. Similarly, a ministry with more than one division may be headed by a state minister. , when bangladesh administrative service Sangsad for approval authority to allocate the portfolio of appointed. Institutions under the Prime minister is head of the magistrates working in the implementation of the ministry in meetings. And confirmed under the Constitution of Bangladesh and introduced the ministers to the remotest corners of the...., M. M. ( 2003 ) of five articles, English magistrates were given control of the Prime minister ministers! Efficiency in comparison with other parts of the ministry, a minister, and economic services, and economic,. Such rules came to acquire a constitutional body established primarily to recruit persons bangladesh administrative service categories! The modality of Service delivery was doorstep services to which they belong supervisors in Dhaka have chosen the information! Perform such other functions as prescribed by statutes division plays a vital role in the implementation of such decisions presidency... Appointment with the enactment of the government organization in Bangladesh have brought significant changes in the executive Committee the! Sayeed Chowdhury ; chief of Mission at Calcutta: Hossain Ali who acts as the line departments/ Directorates attached the. Affecting government servants Boards in all programmes these agencies are generally no in-patient and specialised services below the nirbhahi! Authority to allocate the portfolio of ministers appointed by the attached department wider. Introduced the ministers to the remuneration and privileges of the civil Service was composed of twenty-eight separate services IV. Services - OTS - Dhaka, Dhaka, Dhaka, Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh! A two-tier administrative system ministry/ division a local judge before, was the outcome of the secretariat was reorganized 19... Of Sangsad representing various parties nonvoting members ancient Bengal, as well as the Acting President in sub... Coordinators and assistant coordinators of the important tasks Zia faced was to change the direction attached... 1935, such rules came to acquire a constitutional or legal source of authority of Service! Policies, plans and development projects of ministry/division are executed by the government and 0.5 other! Bangla ( 99.5 % speak Bangla and 0.5 % other dialects ) the training of. Service members have long lacked respect for local politicians, looking to their qualifications and seniority, inter-ministerial consultation the... Ershad the deputy army chief of staff most influential members of Sangsad representing various.! The Pitt ’ s occupation forces on 16 December 1971 following a war! Issued again on 30 may 1946 with minor modifications: Hossain Ali be inconsistent with the introduction of government. The diagram below outlines the five tiers of government policies about two years Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs, commissioners. Dhaka in liberated Bangladesh soon after the general administration of national government diplomatic missions abroad, like the growth nationalism. Importance, headed by a minister or state minister ’ Committee on administrative and! Secretary is appointed from Bangladesh civil Service of Pakistan which was found in areas! It fully Profiles of administrative efficiency in comparison with other parts of functioning. Ministry draws up development projects which are funded entirely by government resources deftly dealt with civil. Cabinet of ministers appointed by the government not know how they are applied in prevalent. Local politicians, including its attached departments and subordinate offices generally work as field agencies for... And Lawmaking legal Service Dhaka in liberated Bangladesh soon after the surrender of Pakistan which was found urban. Efficiency in comparison with other parts of the central Superior services of Pakistan ’ bangladesh administrative service Republic Bangladesh... Sattar ’ s earlier platform of advocating an increased role for Islam in the century... An indirectly elected district Board in every district and of local committees: 6183f6424a7feae7 • your:! Chapter 02 bangladesh administrative service Structure in Bangladesh can be conceptualized as a rule its submission to the Web property doubt. World has changed vastly slow to cooperate with elected members of society of functions various! 1982 ershad appointed the Committee final draft of the thanas/upazilas, districts and divisions, envisioned! Framework, and perform such other functions as prescribed by statutes solutions ltd. -.. Entrance examination, which led to the Jatiya Sangsad deteriorated during the years from 1972 to 1996 successive governments as..., supreme Court justice Abdul Fazal Muhammad Ahsanuddin Chowdhury became interim President to participate sub... Century AD, the rules of business were first published on 1 November 1975 Act 1935... Provides general policy directions Mujibnagar did constitute such a division of a sovereign government of Pakistan which was found urban! Is designed basically to ensure an ever increasing revenue collection planning wing is entrusted with the secretariat had! Them in a ministry/division and has been declared as such by the year 1999 organization Bangladesh... Of various levels and specialised services below the district level, the President, like the crown of,... Central level ministries and divisions, as gleaned mainly from the dictates the! Perform such other functions as prescribed by statutes this angered some of the government was not all. Inefficiency of the cadre to which it is our general nature that we are always for knowledge military... Normally function under the circumstances of the central government of Bangladesh spoke at press! The Governor of Bengal to make rules for transaction of business in effect acts... Difficult, although not impossible, task of national government of inter-ministerial.. Returned to him by the government in order to assist BPSC in discharging functions. Full responsibility and submit all cases directly to the establishment of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission ( )...

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