bdo savings account terms and conditions

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BDO has a range of Peso Checking Accounts to suit your needs. 1. BDO may dishonor checks if signatures are not in accordance with specimen on file with BDO. The Depositor shall maintain the required Average Daily Balance (ADB) as the Depositor may be notified by BDO from time to time. To ensure that you alone are able to access and give instructions on your Eligible Accounts using the Service, you must be vigilant and at all times maintain the succeeding security procedures. Islamic Banking accounts] 1. 1800-10-631-8000 (PLDT) 1800-3-631-8000 (Digitel) 1800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel) 1800-8-631-8000 (Globelines) How to Open a BDO Savings Account: An Ultimate Guide. .page-node-disneyonice .title_bluebanner h2 Continue Reading. While we will provide a secure system within which you can conveniently carry out your banking transactions via the ATM, Internet, Phone, Mobile Phone, and Call Center, you shall take full responsibility for protecting your personal information and accounts once you are enrolled in the service/s and using secure communication lines and internet connection when utilizing the service/s. Automated Teller Machine [“ATM”] transactions, point of sale [“POS”] debit/purchase transactions, payments at Online/Web Merchants). 4. The Card may be linked to single or multiple Accounts of the same currency and in case of the latter, subject to a maximum number of Accounts and a maximum number of Cards per Account as may be allowed by BDO. “Mobile Device” shall mean any hand-held electronic device, such as portable computer, smart phones and tablet computers, and such similar devices. link to How to Open a BDO Savings Account: An Ultimate Guide.   1.3.2 Agree to these Terms and Conditions. You agree to comply with all other requirements designed to secure your use of the Service, as set out in the FAQs or notified by us in any other manner.4. You acknowledge that we are entitled at any time and without incurring any responsibility, to modify the mode of operation of the Service, add, remove or otherwise change, suspend or terminate any of the facilities available relative to the Service, and to terminate the Service. Saving for a rainy day? View Promo. As used herein, unless otherwise specified: These are in no way substitutes for individual professional advice from financial consultants or securities analysts tailored to individual investors. Statement Of Account (SOA) on Demand – If the Depositor chose the paper SOA, then the Depositor agrees that printing and providing of SOA shall not be automatic. Loss or damage you may suffer arising out of any improper, fraudulent access or utilization of the BDO Electronic Banking Services due to theft or unauthorized disclosure of User IDs, passwords, ATM PINs/TPINs/MPINs or violation of other security measures with or without your participation. BDO Savings Account Requirements. FIND US. The Card shall be used only for lawful banking and other transactions allowed by BDO with respect to the Account (i.e. Postal Address, Marital Status, etc.) 1.5 “Card Security Code” shall mean the three (3) digit number at the back of a MasterCard or Visa issued Card and is used to make purchases online. The Depositor … BDO may, at its discretion, refuse to accept deposits or at any time return all or part of a deposit together with the interest due. About FilipiKnow . The following terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) shall govern the issuance and use of the Card. Terms of Acceptance. 1-800-10-405-7000. customercare@mail.landbank.com. ]]>*/, */,

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