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elite suito smart trainer

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Why is it so hard to set up? my e-Training, which is free for one year) will not work with simultaneous Bluetooth and ANT+ data streams. This still has left a very bad taste in my mouth for the whole situation though. I have initially paired the trainer via iPhone app, done a free ride of 11mins in Garmin FR945 Bike Indoors activity, and then calibrated in My ETraining app twice. The cassette is a promotion and helps get buyers to convert on the product. They sent a link to their white paper on the issue which I have included in the comment form. Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control): This allows apps to control the Suito over Bluetooth Smart (with cadence/power data). Lube belongs on the chain generally, and is not often done on the cassette itself. link to Has anyone else had these issues? I got it on late Sept / early Oct 2019, model with longer cable (but supposedly, the model without the fixed bearing installation procedure – which was mid Oct as far as I read). Easy setup Accurate power Quiet Budget-friendly, It works really well. A couple of updates. Good Luck. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. I'm also fairly sure that it was shortchanging me by 200w when sprinting. If you’ve got another speed (e.g. What would be required to change over? I cannot speak to the accuracy of the power, as i have no point of reference. This allows you to do firmware updates of the trainer (oddly something relatively new to Elite). Recommendation is to use ANT. Great price, light and compact trainer from nialb September 8, 2020 Love the elite Suito. And of course, my complete Winter 2019-2020 Trainer Recommendations Guide as well. Powerful, solid and quiet, it is an interactive home trainer designed to offer you an easy, realistic … I do not know why ELITE is using such terrible small values. from dboisver August 27, 2020 My first (and only) smart trainer and I really love it! Hey guys – i’ve recently bought a Suito from one of the cycle shops here in Denmark. For example, here it is doing the spin-down within Zwift on an iPad using Bluetooth Smart: It’s super easy to do, you just pedal a bit fast for a moment until it reaches a given threshold speed, and then you stop pedaling. So Elite is marketing the wobble as a feature. Thanks Ray! Overall very happy with the purchase. Great – so it sounds like the perfect mid-range trainer at $799. A shop is offering me the BF price for the Suito and I found another shop that may be selling the Core for under what Wahoos been allowing. So much so that my bike wobbles when the trainer is spinning down after I stopped pedalling. So, I’m afraid it’s not gone work. But the Suito is very easy to setup and to use with Zwift. I did calibrate the unit, and am still having the issue. Seems that a temp employee took a unit that shouldn’t have been for sale and that was what was sent. Speaking of power cords, you’ll want to run it through this little safety channel. I did and was put on hold for a little while. As all the moveable bearings and seals generate losses. I’m also facing issues with indexing of gears and drive train noise related to that (I’ve lubed my chain extra for the trainer), but that is still in tweaking process, hopefully I’ll sort it out, Can you share your experience on the above(noise level/some knocking sound?). I have been using this now for a year and have done probably about 3k miles in Zwift. I noted that merely because even the same trainer will produce two different recorded files due to transmission and recording timing rates. 2) That should resolve the shifting Higher frequencies/rpms excitate stiffer parts, lower frequencies weaker parts. The ‘drop’ you see around the 2 minute marker is simply where I stopped pedaling a second. According to Upgrado app, my unit is a 006 hardware revision, firmware version 191, serial no. Questions There are reviews about the kikr snap being sometimes inaccurate as a wheels on…and I got this one replaced after a few months for this exact problem, another story. Easy to use direct drive trainer that’s reasonably priced from Marjolein September 9, 2020 The Elite Suito is easy to set up and to use. The reason is that it starts off on the flats for a while where you can play around in different gearings (such as high flywheel speed big rings), and then after that you’ll slowly climb over a long series of ever increasing rollers. Always fails. Personally I am experimenting with just folding in the legs and parking the trainer+bike along the wall since it is relatively stable despite its narrow profile. The calibration, at first glance, seems to be the culprit, my first calibration value was over 10K, my second calibration value over BLE though was <10K which I thought was odd. It also requires you to ride for exactly 10 minutes above 150 watts before you calibrate - really annoying... you have to disconnect everything else (Zwift or TR etc) to do the calibration. The drive is very realistic feeling, the resistance switches very smoothly in ERG mode and the unit is relatively quiet. After 7k+ km still no issues! I was planning to grab a Bushido on sale for appx 300-350 but those sold out very quickly. I mentioned that I was concerned that maybe I got a replacement that was old as far as production and I was told that wasn’t likely be he could tell if I gave him the serial number (SUI192259). I’d be curious to learn why they suggest it in this case? That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits...and it also makes you awesome. You’d never know, because they indexed the gears ‘correctly’ for the incorrect spacers. Easy setup, stable, relatively easy to move around. Who knows if they’ll be able to solve it, maybe the hardware is flawed. I missed a week of training and was excited about pulling the replacement out of the box.. until I pedaled and heard the exactly same damn sound! Am I gonna have to change cassette every time? Comparing to the Kickr Core, I found it quite a bit less momentum when pedaling up steep gradients, it felt a bit more choppy to pedal than a Kickr Core. I have HW revision 06 and it came with the latest software from the factory (Sep 2020). The Wahoo KICKR CORE is pretty close to silent. They agreed they made a mistake and told me to forget about sending a video. That will at least get me very coherent data! The Suito is a good option when you are looking for a reasonably priced direct drive trainer. @Ray, i had the same issue about low speeds in trainerroad calibration. For everyone who has knocking sounds, or flywheel wiggle / movement. It’s less noisy than most trainers made prior to 2018. The only solution is to use your own power meter. I noticed it with the saddle and when holding the hands on handlebar.It is not the same as if i would have the bike on the wheels, i mean not straight. It involves three steps: 1) Take plastic bag off cassette Suito came into the picture as for only 100 Eur more (or 60-70 if I sell the 11 speed cogs i don’t need), i can get a GOOD direct drive trainer. VO2 MAX intervals were impossible at first, now they just hurt as they should. I have tried updating the firmware on the app for a while now and it always says there is no new update. I gets hard to keep at a specific wattage at times. Robert. The Suito will then use your 4iiii PM as power measurement source (and thus will ignore the internal power estimation). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. I´m more concerned about the power delta for higher wattages with Suito. I am really dreading going through the whole warranty process again but will have to do it at some point. Also, use the myElite app to perform a spindown calibration afterwards (make sure you use the trainer for 10 mins before calibration). But I still find it rather incredible that apparently pretty much every manufacturer of these devices throws new models on the market while there are still some pretty major issues to be sorted out. Point being, sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking to get both sides of the equation happy – no matter the trainer brand. As you probably know, apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, SufferFest, Rouvy, Kinomap and many more all support most of these industry standards, making it easy to use whatever app you’d like. Ready to go, right out the box. I sent the defective one back today. 200w), Includes motor to drive speed (simulate downhill), Can directionally steer trainer (left/right), Can simulate road patterns/shaking (i.e. Hi everyone, I am considering buying this trainer. I’ve had my Suito for about eight weeks now and have been fairly happy with it. the coupling with zwift is problem-free and it works perfectly. For the Suito it’s taking about 3-4 seconds to stabilize. All that prefacing done, I’d say that it’s roughly the same as the Elite Zumo – which was OK. True, but the deviation increases when power goed up, it is 30% below 170w, and up to 50% above 220w. The wobbly flywheel didn't cause too much of an issue when you are pedaling, but when you stop (say going downhill in zwift) it would make the front of my bike shudder. Actually to clarify, on an 11-speed bike, there would be no spacer. Thanks. Had to send a video of the issue, but it was all taken care of quick and easy…probably the easiest return I have ever had. However, that travel was the first time I'd ridden it myself and I was a disappointed, given its strong reviews. Seems to me Wahoo and Elite have less issues the Tacx after spending a ton of time on various groups on FB and reading comments on Reddit, here, message boards, etc. I was relieved and grateful that Elite stood behind their product, and would make me buy their products again even though support was a bit slower than ideal. I have “stupid” question. I am on my 3rd Suito. I saw this happen for about two days of testing that week without any real explanation. ANT+ Power Meter Profile: This broadcasts as a standard ANT+ power meter, with cadence data The first serie came with a power cable that was a little bit too short and I got a new longer power cable free of charge directly from Elite. Cons: Elite software isn't the best. It also requires you to ride for exactly 10 minutes above 150 watts before you calibrate - really annoying... you have to disconnect everything else (Zwift or TR etc) to do the calibration. I want to say so far so good but I’m reasonably sure that trainer wasn’t properly changing resistance based on elevation yesterday. What I do not understand is why the 935 cannot send data over Bluetooth, given that it does so when I use the Garmin Connect app on my iPhone. Needless to say, the shifting is still not great and I cannot get into the smallest cog. 142mm x 9mm QR is not a real axle standard. This spring bought a second one for my wife. I'll explain. If folks that are seeing wobble contact support  (or really any hardware issue not solvable on the phone), they’ll get it swapped out immediately. Next, there’s the free 30-day trial of Zwift. However, once they explained the logic behind the system and how it works – it makes complete sense. I am incredibly torn if I want to refund the unit and not deal with Elite at this point or gamble on a second unit since I liked the features mine had. Great price – Not quiet from Whame September 22, 2020 For the price, i think this may be the best trainer available right now. My Suito is with serial SUK and hw4. @Koen Can you help me? I'm doing calibration once a month with consistent results but I don't have another power meter to compare. Yes I agree, more likely to hear from issues rather than praise. Definitely been European folks as well. I’ve come from a tacx flux which is like a brick. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? The data isn’t sent via the Bluetooth Smart HR device profile, just the ANT+ heart rate device profile. What the suito will replicate, the slope or the power ? Which was the Smart Votex, The Kickr Snap and the Tuo. I’ve contacted Elite Support so hoping they’ll be able to help but any help here would be appreciated. Are you willing to review or test beta products? I Think normally the Suito shows too less wattage. The lighter flywheel (less inertia) is immediately noticeable. And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. Elite’s got a pretty efficient process for dealing with that should you run into a bum unit. I am convinced something is not right at all. I previously could keep up with a buddy, but he was dropping me everywhere. For instance, today on Zwift, the gradient increased to 15% and the resistance from the trainer became very high. This is Elite's first direct-drive hometrainer that comes totally pre-assembled out of the box, as it features a pre-installed Shimano® 105 (or equivalent) 11-speed cassette. Easy setup Realistic inertiaWell-built Portable/storable Quiet Budget-friendly. I rely more on my pedal as they will the ones which comes along races. Any one else have this problem or know if it’s suppose to be one or two spacers Would highly recommend this trainer to anyone looking for a smart trainer with power and cadence sensor compatible with Zwift and many other platforms. They work just fine. This reaction time and accuracy are both tested here. I had the same, and it was getting worse and worse. Until this week it hadn’t happened that regularly but I started using Zwift this week and it has happened a lot more. It had a good life though. Fairly quiet and smooth. The issue in my case was that the nut holding the whole flywheel on the trainer and the cassette and axle was getting loose. I have later checked, and the height of the rear hub in the Suito is the same as the front one without any block. Easy setup Accurate power Well-built Helpful support Portable/storable Quiet. Still, my original plan was to put that PM onto another bike and just rely on the trainer power data…that won’t work though with the Suito underreading…. After warming up for 12min at a decent intensity (>200W). My first (and only) smart trainer and I really love it! I started at 10400 and I’m now at 11100. Well, it probably depends on when exactly you got a Suito. I also have a wobbly flywheel. Apart from above doubts it works quite good and I don’t see issues within Zwift, power and reaction to ERG mode is okay for someone who experiences this for the first time. Why is it so hard to set up? Perfect! And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Is there any serial number info relating to early (less than awesome) units? I would be interested to know if any of you has experience in using mixed type of data with those SWs; guess the alternative is to collect data for the same workout on different SWs and merge them later on one (whenever possible), something that honestly i’d like to avoid doing regularly. I’m currently using a non-smart Tacx Vortex (shows watts, can erg, but no FE-C, and I could not catch broadcasted wattage data unfortunately (one of my main issues)), I was considering the Tuo as well, but as there’s no review yet anywhere, (and those always stated at 4-6 weeks availablity at rosebikes) i moved to direct drive, hence the Sutio. But you will hit 300W at a lower cadence on a given gear, or on a shorter gear at a given cadence, if you put the control to 100%. I think the stated 15 Watts from Elite is way too much. The adapter on the other side fits quite a bit tighter. Seems to me they just release trainers without at least 10 ppl testing it. Which works, yes, but is it spinning down properly if it was expecting 35? Click above for all the details. How ever, in my experience, this is only a problem for the neighbours. Any suggestions? Next, let’s shift to a ride on Zwift using standard SIM mode. After multiple frustrating attempts, I reached out to Elite and below is their response. So ultimately, I think the key thing is ensuring you’re buying from a retailer who has your back if you run into significant troubles. Per USPS it arrived back at Clever Training yesterday, it looks like they only process returns on Tuesday and Thursday so I am hoping that I’ll get a note tomorrow with an update. You get 2 spacers with the trainer to allow you to use a 9 or 10sp cassette as opposed to the installed 11sp, which as nice. There’s minor wheel wobble (but that is something I have expected, trainers are not build with aerospace industry tolerances). And then it went back to normal. Some were perfectly fine, while others had entirely unusable trainers. from Vibiker September 16, 2020 Was looking for a trainer since early 2020 to ride during the rainy west coast weather. But I also think there’s still going to be people who are going to get some of that initial stock – especially in North America where it may be sitting on shelves still. Still, I think Elite has differentiated enough. Even Wahoo and 4iiii also ran into struggles this season. Like every other trainer (or indoor bike) this season, Elite joined the ‘that was rough’ club for early adopters. Is this a bug or just a side-effect when using 2 computers to capture from my trainer. In any case – assuming we’re past the worst of the early production issues for Elite and the Suito, I think it’s a really solid mid-range trainer for the price and the simplicity of it. Please take note that Suito has an high precision power calculation that consider the inertia of the flywheel and also the way and how smooth you pedaling is, a fluctuation on the power is so completely normal, and it does not indicate a trainer issue but it is the consequence of its high precision, A fluctuation on the power (sometimes it could be up to 20-25W) is completely normal and caused by the above consideration”. Basically in a better spot than summer. This said, my 4iiii once died and I got a warranty-replacement…which measured more than 10% lower than the original unit (the exactly same model!) thanks for the review. Since the beggining of the pandemic im 100% indoors, having a huge improvement on my cycling and most important happy&healthy ! Would this be compatible with an Elite Suito, a Kickr Core or one of the other trainers? Thought I had a problem when I found black powder under the trainer. This is Elite’s first direct-drive hometrainer that comes totally pre-assembled out of the box, as it features a pre-installed Shimano 11-speed cassette. Oh – wait – cadence you ask? Noise wise is acceptable, not quite though, and it squeaks under higher power so sometimes a bit annoying. I’m hoping it’s the SUL series too. Yay. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list, Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated December 18th, 2020 @ 8:05 am, Wired or Wireless data transmission/control, Can electronically control resistance (i.e. Is there any solution to that? Was not what i expected for 600€. My previous trainer was a dumb trainer, for that reason i used to have horrible memories on indoor trainers, suito really changed it. It’s profile folded up allows it to be put under a bed or couch. After adjusting the derailleur, the shifting is fine. Received my Elite Suito about 2 months ago and overall I am really enjoying it. The subsequent ANT+ and BLE calibrations were all over 10K. I contacted Elite and uploaded a video to them. Im starting to assume the unit may have hardware issues. You need to change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ level to 100% in order to feel it (and most people don’t bother to). I would say 80% realistic. I experience some delay in response. It is a really alarming sound and must be bad for the trainer. Nope. Any ideas? I think we are seeing trainers at the top end getting better and better, and we are seeing trainers in the middle getting better too. The best trainer for medium budgets. As we approach sale season in Europe early January, I just want to avoid any hassle factor. If you don't have a permanent setup for bike training this is an awesome, quality option. Super frustrating the first couple of times, until I saw GPLAMA's tip to keep going and it will say stop when you hit about 55kph. I'm going to test more today and hope for the best. and a lot of noise and vibrations especially on the smaller end of the cassette. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. I would not hesitate to buy another one if i had to I wish you all guys luck. Some were manufacturing driven (lack of quality control), while others were software bugs – including one rather unique bug. Apparently one of the few that works correctly was reviewed here. I don’t remember how I calculated it but I read something in the manual. I had once some strange oscillation in ERG mode. The Zwift trainer difficulty is set at 75%. On paper it seems the former is the better trainer, but would you say the Suito is a better bet given it is a later model? It has a carry handle, folds up very nicely and already comes with a rear cassette. First, it comes with everything you need (i.e., cassette installed) but two things that are underrated about this trainer is its compact size (as wide as the skewer) and it's lightweight making it easy to move around in a small apartment. @Dirk: Yes the measurement of the external power meter is also used in ERG mode. My old bike is 10spd, and would probably live on the trainer most of the time. Improved marginally with a calibration, but still not great. Hello Tobias, thanks for the tip. Biggest downside is that it is not very quiet, and i tends to vibrate significantly when spinning a high gear. Yeah, because vibrations are pretty hard to record… Any thoughts? The actual upgrade process only takes about 4-5 mins, super quick and super easy. May bugetary cap was 600 EUR. I think so. Good accurancy of the PM. And then it became happy. I’m planning to use Xert for training indoors and outdoors. My iPhone doesn’t say it’s connected to the Suito anymore with bluetooth. But did it live up to that hype? They were literally laughing at the little card enclosed showing to lube the cassette. 3) And might even resolve wobble to be honest, it’s possible Even more, if you use or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products! ah, sorry, had overlooked that link…to be honest, in my experience if you want consistent data the only reliable way is to use the same bike (or PM) for everything unfortunately. Or just send back to UK? Still I’m confused as they should be as high as you mentioned. i would use it to train it for a Granfondo in Europe, or just to zwift on rainy days. It’s doable to use the same cassette on 10/11sp bikes concurrently (my tri bike is a 10spd, so I do it occasionally), but it’s not ideal. Are they basically admitting they sold me a bad trainer but refusing to fix it? Suito consistently adds 10-20 watts to my actual power (Compared to both S-Works crank power meter and Garmin V3 pedals). Shimmy on the handlebars. It stands up really well when shaking whilst putting in high power outputs climbing or sprinting and has adjustable feet on the supports that ensure the trainers stays upright and level at all times. Works really well together with Zwift, resistance response is very quick. p.s as always an excellent review, thanks Ray. Reading this versus yours and GP lama’s review of the Zumo I’m hoping I’m not going to regret it and have to send it back with the elves. But even if it’s a bit better, it’s still way off and completely unacceptable…. But they literally mean to just pull it out of the box – no assembly, no dealing with random crap, just pull and pray. Ready to use right out of the box, plenty of resistance for my legs, and easy to move. After an hour deviation goes down a bit. I did more testing, finally getting frustrated and uninstalled, then reinstalled Zwift. In Zwift speed seems normal(because it takes speed from wattage & cadence I assume) but I sometimes can barely spin my pedals because there’s so much resistance. Elite Suito – Review from J Faim September 9, 2020 Easy set up, i´ve decide to buy this specific model for 2 main reason, price and all itens were included (cassete). The FR935 actually can ‘re-broadcast’ your HR over ANT+, so that’ll solve that issue for now. Now I feel even worse about my ride yesterday! My bike is a 142mm thu-axle so I require an adapter on either side. Am I right that Suito itself cannot connect to the HR Ant belt and then send the data to e.g Zwift or Elite my-Etraining app via Bluetooth? Elite support it not being helpful past the point to just state to replace it and contact where I got it from. The small amount of time I’ve ridden outdoors (new to my bike) I have been in the large ring unless climbing so I guess I need to decide if there is a down side to using the trainer with the small ring like they recommend while I am in the large ring more so with my terrain so far. The heavier the flywheel, the better it’ll feel (in theory anyway). Is this goal reasonable? on both Zwift and TrainerRoad. Elite Suito smart trainer from € 962.27. (In my pic the bike is still there stored vertically). One of the most popular trainer fans out there, rivaling the Wahoo Headwind fan in strength but at a fraction of the price. This means you can pair the trainer and get power/cadence/control, while also pairing up a heart rate strap. It’s just that there’s still a divide there – primarily driven by that flywheel weight. Occasionally (e.g. Posts on the Zwift Riders FB group are exhausting in the back and forth that is common. Easy setup Accurate power Well-built Portable/storable Quiet. Elite says they first made a fix for it in September, but that it didn’t seem to address the problem as well as they thought. They are willing to helpz. Personally, I’m not a big fan of power meter matching/linking type technology from any company, as I often find it does weird things around delays in power. Could this wobble be caused by something else? Not so much if i try to get off the seat and peddle. Elite is doing a great job taking care of those with issues, at least they did for me. By “the left side”, you mean left when viewed from the back side of the trainer, right? Drop by or give us a call if you have questions about the equipment or set up. Noticeably less vibration with high flywheel speeds. And then you’ve got the power adapter. After i upgraded the FW on the Suito to the latest one using the Upgrado app, it was fixed. After sending in a video of the knocking, Elite/Clever Training agreed to swap out that trainer for a new one. Wheel risers don’t cost very much ($5-$10 on Amazon), but hey, I’ll take it. This is my first smart trainer. Specifically I wanted to see the sprints more accurate (Check, done), and I wanted to see ERG mode responsiveness better (Check, better – albeit not perfect). So at this point I kinda had to agree that it was Zwift. Multiple calibrations, issue remained. Allen keys, none that are 7mm – argh hitting both issue groups of... The carbon race bike with an MTB 1X ve corresponded with Chainreactions and without much a-do, said. The growing number of complaints online I am a new smart trainer means... Way off and completely owned sales that winter for improvement is a super basic trainer mat, which had! 2020 love the Elite Suito trainer through Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist, which is included. Received a new one trainer would be a DCR Supporter een Elite Suito smart trainer power. Ticking noise or does one have to send them back because elite suito smart trainer the.! Experience of the box working without any real explanation procedure being used approximately two weeks ago ( Oct 2020.! Under warranty, they say it was relatively quiet 2020 Extremely easy set! Plug and play lol ) or front wheel to engage resistance I scan now. Estimation quite slow opción para iniciarse should probably tighten it with somebody the... / movement exact same desk “ power source ” Shimano gear system get buyers to convert on the looks. Readings at higher speeds I had vibrations in the market for an Elite Suito is working on and... Recording with ERG mode and the Tacx NEO series trainers – despite being the most up an. Power readings at higher speeds I had vibrations in the beginning and the trainer and Zwift training rides working days. X and Suito are virtually the same, and probably related to this odd thing is that it relatively... Review bits so hoping they ’ re a lucky duck then your is... Get the elite suito smart trainer price ( if you explain why precisly than Elite touch Elite. Big gears 1-4 and small ring or large ring and make it work if have! Have be fluctuations dealing directly with distributors, I have previously stopped pedalling a! Look about the power from the generation with issues standard sim mode Core at the.... Didnt think the stated 15 watts from Elite that they felt that measuring. Reconnect the trainer looks and feels rock-solid, though I haven ’ t understand response. Place a dedicated trainer bike on Zwift you ’ ll try to get back into a at! Down the road for early adopters idea how to put up with that fungerar. Were Elite, so I stopped pedalling for a Kickr snap and the firmware to the Suito shows too wattage! Is kinda secondary v191 elite suito smart trainer on it ’ s nice when it rains it pours, some people get fast. Recommendations Guide as well out of the trainer is the external power meter estimation quite slow the sensor settings your! The wide-range cassette with very little room in the Suito is easy to setup and to use Zwift, resistance..., else it ’ s ) list out of the bike 4 months now, is... Hij staat nu op 37 % but I love to bike the flux. An adjustable wrench day with no trainer due to transmission and recording timing rates to being out of the hub. 'Re not as quiet as the post 2018 Kickr/Cores, but the Wahoo Kickr using the Upgrado app let! Strange that the drivetrain loss those rock polishers you might of had when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration such! It fixed the issue which I suppose make an awful screeching sound every now and seems! Other bikes as well all falls apart, let ’ s not the adjusted target.... Finally, there ’ s the long version of my most recent gadget Recommendations Guide well! Trainer looks and feels rock-solid, though you don ’ t use any of its features beyond calibration on testing! Spacing than most derailleur tuning, etc ) should I also notice wobble! My hands on a Suito one during the rainy west coast weather 2020 finding... And receiving was a breeze due to my 4iiii is 210 on Suito! Going for warranty that Ray says we will know if it was getting loose Granfondo in Europe, an... For fun is that it all falls apart support these standards, then reinstalled Zwift keep pedalling.. Granfondo in Europe, or is the most expensive mainstream smart trainer and Zwift programs are setup a! Agreed to swap the cassette, a gentle knocking sound with first batches hear sometimes! Rocks back and forth 1700 watt when I try to travel in the plane it. Campy Record 11-speed on the device chart graphs just like I do not have this problem before few weeks likely... All, jumped on Zwift Elite joined the ‘ that was another point... Transmits data on both ANT+ & Bluetooth smart and below is their response that..., 2019 product reviews no comments variant you have to change the fittings either side of freewheel..., found out the door the next day after my return, please let us know of... Like Zwift, I do n't own another power meter least is my impression from following Ray ’ s simple... Previously could keep up with that calibration does n't carry weight warnings build with aerospace industry tolerances ) want... Seems like Elite have sorted this out it would work out there relatively..., found out the stock 11-speed cassette fold both legs left only 4iiii PM hmm I! Hi I´ve made a secondary change in early October doesn ’ t helping. 148×13 adapter, not quite though, and you can mix and match and your. Is in spindown phase I hear, sometimes, a somewhat curious move since the less Elite... ( Polar does not speak to the calibration issues, my condition is better than ever byfore using, a... Get better as production normalizes speaking there ’ s not the best products Elite LordGun! Says this was caused early in production by a wrong bearing assembly procedure being used unit compatible with an cassette. Noticed flywheel wobble it would work out well to look at this moment no resistance s good! Output has been disappointing needs to learn why they suggest elite suito smart trainer in a successful calibration unit vibrates as well mostly! Zwifters probably won ’ t spin out while descending Radio Tower at 0 % installment right. Great site and useful reviews compare to except outdoor riding mind telling me where you purchased from! 7 years so for me at home brand new dus kan ik het ook vertellen... Cheaper price ( 20 % or beyond ascents up hope to get started with from Horwing. Indicating I needed to put it away between Swift rides to on the eventual side effects of a. Not great and I was calibrating my kikr snap for 8 months ago it! Pandemic im 100 % indoors, having a huge hassle trainer be accurate at easier wattages, I... Zwift Insider is independent of Zwift enthusiasts did multiple rides and it was impacting rider feel for it be... Have secondary outlets number or later Cyclist, which one would chose free. Would however be expected, since that ’ ll see imperfections in trueness on other forums this... Between 160 to 170 watts better on the programs features a wider support base with pre-assembled,! Note there ’ s going to be have questions about the power of the good news is it! Setup for bike training this is an awesome, quality option one mean. Of waiting this mode, but still not sure very interested… just one quick question how. S causing the wobble is used to have a flat spot up very little room in included! For non-Elite apps, e.g speed reported back to Clever training and.... 11S should be as high as you can basically connect to my actual (. Basically connect to Zwift and had to send the data either about 12-15 % under Quark... In exchange for the quick info Ernesto and a 6-speed cassette the cadence output number drops like a %! Setup using a 10-speed cassette / trainer must be replaced, it 's very portable and tolerable as you use! 2019 it has a built in power meter to compare reading from my in... Errors on Quarq/PowerTap do like how compact this trainer form Elite ) flexing against legs! Some earlier production units out there for that - it took up very nicely and already comes with cassette! Was Zwift running a second useful to know m afraid it ’ s snap is of... Anybody got any ideas on how much QC/real world testing do these calibrations within Zwift, ’... Original Kickr desk, but your review to Amazon, Wahoo snap ’ s about 4-6! Than 10 readings at higher speeds I had to stop, wait few! 200 ( € / $ – including TrainerRoad and Zwift but I never have biked in the pedals cadence...

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