Status of Women in Vedas

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Women have been accorded the greatest respect and honor in Vedas. According to Vedic teachings and ancient Aryan scriptures, women have been given preference over men in every field. Even when we take name of gods and goddesses, the name of a goddess is always placed before god. In “Sita Ram”, Sita is wife of Rama. In “Radhe Shyam” Radha is the beloved of Krishna. However, some people keep on floating the false propaganda of how Veda demeans women.

There is a whole mantra called “Tandey Brahmin Mantra” devoted to women in Vedas.  This act of devoting a whole mantra to women already shows the high position of women in Vedas.  Misleading idea like reading Veda affects the fertility of women has also been put forward when there is no truth in such statements. It has clearly been written in Shukla Yajurveda that Veda holds equal position for both male and female.

“Protector of children, having definite knowledge, worth thousands of prayers and impressing all directions, O women, you accept prosperity. O wife of deserving husband, teach your husband to enhance wealth.” This verse written in Atharva Veda has showcased female empowerment in an astonishing way. Women are portrayed as source of immense knowledge in the Vedas. Women have been encouraged to gain education in the same manner as men.

Section 26 of Yajurveda has acknowledged that women have unusual courage and immense power. It has also mentioned that women are unbeatable by any challenge or assault and have enormous power which can defeat any frightening power. It further states that women need to identify their capabilities and be fearless.

People studying Manusmriti tend to point a finger towards Hinduism but is Manusmriti a true eternal book that one should follow? The word “smriti” simply means remembering. These books were written thousands of years ago on the basis of a writer’s memory. Therefore, there is a high chance the writer or generation of narrators may have diluted the book using their own beliefs and opinions instead of facts.

Women in Veda have been given the status of god with respect and honor. The misconception about women not being allowed to read Vedas are in fact assumptions based only on superficial knowledge. Vedas are true eternal books that sing praise about the status of womanhood in a glorifying and respectful manner encouraging equality.


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