Italy to cut its members of parliament by 1/3

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A referendum to reduce the members of the parliament was made a priority by Italy’s Five Star Movement. Considered to be an anti-establishment, populist party that is in coalition with the centre-left Democratic party, it has garnered  70% of the parliament votes in its favor.

The decision backed by all major parties, reduced seats in the lower house to 400 from 630, and  from 315 to 200 in the upper house Senate. Luigi Di Maio, the leader of Five Star, declared that “This is a historic day. We managed to cut the number of parliamentarians, forever.”

The voting system in Italy currently constitutes a mix of proportional representation (PR) and first-past-the-post (FPTP) constituencies. It has been conveyed that the elections in 2023 will be conducted with the reduced number of parliament members.

Critics have argued that this change will bring out minimal cost saving benefits, simultaneously reducing the authority of the parliament. However, the leaders are convinced that it will bring about positive changes and that the decision benefit them in the long-run.



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