Saudi Arabia and Japan on a green mission with blue ammonia

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Kathmandu. Japans’s dream to lead the production of clean energy gets its sail as Saudi Arabia ships its first consignment of blue ammonia to Japan. The fuel will be used in power stations with carbon and natural gas to produce electricity without carbon emissions.

Japan aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 26% by 2030 from 2013 levels for which Japan has been focusing on the use of hydrogen.

Ammonia, consists of three parts hydrogen and one part nitrogen.  Blue ammonia is a feedstock for blue hydrogen, a version of the fuel made from fossil fuels with a process that captures and stores C02 emissions.

Saudi Aramco, informed that Japan will receive 40 tons of blue ammonia in the first shipment. 30 mt of the CO2 captured during the process is designated for use in methanol production at SABIC’s Ibn-Sina facility, and another 20 mt of captured CO2 in the process is being used for Enhanced Oil Recovery at Aramco’s Uthmaniyah field.

Saudi Arabia, being the world’s biggest oil exporter, is also the largest producer of dirty energy, a tag which the kingdom wants to remove.

“The use of hydrogen is expected to grow in the global energy system, and this world’s first demonstration represents an exciting opportunity for Aramco to showcase the potential of hydrocarbons as a reliable and affordable source of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia,” Aramco’s chief technology officer Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter said in the statement.

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