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The COVID-19 pandemic has terrorized the world; Nepal is no less affected. The latest statistics that the corona infection cases have crossed 150 thousand in Nepal substantiate it.

There have been comments that all corona infected have not been tested as only  limited corona tests have been carried out and that the government’s record of COVID-19 is not accurate. There is no denying, however, looking at the upward trend the COVID-19 graph has taken, that the situation has already become critical. With more than five thousand cases a day, it is assumed that the pandemic is nearing its peak.

Amidst the pandemic, Nepalis are to celebrate their greatest festival Dashain. On one hand, there is Dashain to be rejoiced; on the other, there is COVID-19 at its pinnacle, dangling over us like Damocles’ sword. The importance of Dashain, which has been celebrated for ages with the exchange of best wishes and merriment among friends, neighbors, and relatives, has been shadowed. by COVID -19, which has spread like fire and taken a great toll on the health, wealth and lives of people. Nepalis are feeling the pain of having to distance with their near and dear ones at a time when they needed to be together.

DCNepal.com has not wavered a little during the pandemic in its mission to provide the general public the access to factual and truth-based news. We have been working tirelessly to maintain the flow of information during this crisis.

The escalation of COVID-19 and the lockdowns imposed by the government led to the closure of many print media.They were worst struck and suffered shutdowns because of the risk of infection to the manpower involved in the printing and distribution of newspapers, and there was the risk of spreading of the disease through paper itself. The e-papers then had to bear the extra responsibility which we accepted without a flinch.  In fact, we took it as our liability to serve our readers relentlessly, not s an extra burden.

We are at a critical juncture with the spreading pandemic and the Dashain festival at our doors. Having to provide the extremely necessary information with the limited capability of the means of communication during this period has demanded more energy and the situation has been aggravated by many of our staff suffering from COVID-19. The good wishes from our readers and their faith upon us have made us carry our task undeterred.

The time may not be very favorable but we are not going to stop our flow of information and our mission to keep our readers always informed shall remain intact.

The only way to tackle COVID-19 is to remain at home and distance oneself from others as much as possible. Health experts have advised regarding that and governments have set out health protocols for the general public. We expect our readers to be aware of the gravity of the situation and act wisely.

We know that we are celebrating our greatest cultural festival, and we know this too that crossing certain thresholds in the name of festivals may give us intense sorrow. We hope all our readers will play responsible roles from their respective places.

It is human to think about one’s motherland, relatives and countrymen in whichever corner of the world one may be. This feeling has fueled us with the commitment to maintain the flow of information. We solicit readers’ suggestions and comments and vow to improve our weaknesses in the days to come. It’s up to you – the readers – to make our journey a success; leave it unto us to keep you informed, we pledge for it.

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