Improper use of medicines increasing during the corona pandemic

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Confusions and misunderstandings have been increasing with the rapid  expansion of the corona pandemic. Our spirit is at the lowest during a pandemic; business people are targeting that human nature and promoting their businesses, which has led to the use of improper medicines.

People are committing health hazard purchasing antiviral medicines, medicines for malaria, amoeba and roundworms without consulting a physician. They are risking their lives making over the counter (OTC) purchases of medicines for blood pressure and depression. These medications should be taken by patients under the direct care of the physician; otherwise, the patients may have to suffer grave side effects.

There are cases in which people have become seriously ill as their temperatures fell down to alarming levels after taking a combination of either two or all of these: Anticold, for common cold, paracetamol for fever and Flexon (ibuprofen + paracetamol) for body ache. Anicold also contains 500 mg paracetamol. Only one of these should be taken as per the physician’s advice. Medicines for cough also differ according to the nature and symptoms; hence a health expert’s advice is mandatory.

One should not take antibiotics till on the second stage of corona infection. The OTC purchase of antibiotics according to the suggestions provided in the internet not only will be ineffective but will also decrease one’s immunity against the disease,

A large number of people take vitamins of different companies to boost their immunity power. Researches show that this habit can be harmful and that f we take a balanced diet, we don’t need to worry about taking nutrient supplements or additional vitamins. In case, there is deficiency of nutrients in the body, intake of vitamins B, C, D, 12 and zinc could prove useful

There should not be haphazard use of herbal supplements or the ayurvedic medicines either. Medicines that are effective do have side effects too. ayurvedic medicines have lesser side effects than allopathic medicines. Suggestions of the licensed health practitioners must to be taken, however.

Similarly, while purchasing medicines, we should note whether the medicine has been registered in the Department of Drug Administration (DDA) or not and check the date of manufacture and the expiry date. We should also not take medicinal herbs at random without an expert’s advice. Regimen for medications for blood pressure, sugar, thyroid and cholesterol among others that we use on regular basis should not be changed without the physician advising so.

It should be noted that medicines, if taken under the physician’s guidance, will cure diseases; otherwise, they may act like a poisons to the body.

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