Studies being conducted to construct flyovers at different places in the valley

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Kathmandu, January 6. A study has been launched for the construction of flyovers at three places in the Kathmandu Valley. According to the Department of Roads, consultants are studying the construction of flyovers in Gwarko, Satdobato and Ekantakuna.

Keshav Kumar Sharma, director general of the department, said that the consulting company has submitted the progress of the study report for the construction of the flyover. According to him, detailed design work is underway for this. He said that a contract can be signed for the construction this year. He said, “Even for at least one place, the contract process can be started.”

The process will be moved forward for Gwarko this year and for Satdobato and Ekantakuna next year. The constructions of the flyovers are planned at the intersection of the ring road built by the Chinese government two years ago.

The Department of Roads have completed the construction of sky bridges in Satdobato and Ekantakuna. Sharma said that there was no need to demolish the sky bridge to build a flyover in those places. He said, “There is an option to build the flyover without demolishing the sky bridges.”

The government has allocated budget for the construction of flyovers in the current fiscal year. Flyovers are being constructed in other places of the valley through foreign investment as well. These three will be the first flyovers to be built with government investment. The department said that the flyovers will have four lanes.

It is said that it will take 1 year to 15 months for completion of construction. Director General Sharma said that the responsibility of construction can be given to Nepali construction entrepreneurs. Companies that have built complex bridges in the past will be given the responsibility.

While the government is planning to build in these three places, discussions are underway to build flyovers in Koteshwor, Baneshwor and Thankot with the help of the Japanese government. With the completion of all these flyovers, the number of flyovers in the Kathmandu Valley will reach eight in the next few years.

Baneshwor and Jadibuti Chowk are two of the busiest places in Kathmandu Valley. In both cases, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) plans to build flyovers. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the department have been holding discussions with the JICA team. A few years ago, the road from Tinkune to Salaghari in Bhaktapur was widened to six lanes with the help of concessional loan from JICA. JICA has expressed interest in constructing a flyover on the road it has expanded, while the government has said it wants to expand the road from Suryabinayak to Dhulikhel in a single package.

The first modern tunnel in the history of road transport in Nepal is being constructed along with flyovers and underpasses. During the construction of Nagdhunga Sisnekhola tunnel, two tunnels and one flyover will be constructed. It is said that the tunnel will not only remove road jams but will also make a special contribution to the prosperity of Nepal.

JICA had agreed with the government to provide financial and technical assistance. An agreement was reached between the government and the Japanese construction company Hajma Angdo Corporation in September last year. The project, inaugurated by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in October last year, was agreed to be completed in 42 months.

The Chinese government, which completed the Koteshwor-Kalanki road in 2075 BS, is planning to expand the Kalanki-Chabahil (Dhobikhola Bridge) road as the second section.

Flyovers and underpasses will be constructed at Balaju, Maharajgunj and other intersections when the eight-lane road is widened. The Chinese government had constructed an underpass from Khasibazar to Kalanki while expanding the first section. They have started looking for alternatives to flyovers and tunnels saying that there will be traffic jam in the chowk even if the roads are widened in different places of the valley. (RSS)

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