Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first day at office

12 out of 17 orders were reversals to Trump’s orders.

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Kathmandu, January 22.  On his first day as the 46th president of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders.

Media reports suggest that this was performed in order to reverse Donald Trump’s policies from federal law and advance his own agenda.

The top priorities of Biden’s administration will be to end the Covid-19 pandemic that has already killed more than 4 lakh Americans and to promote immigration, the environment and racial justice.

Here are the 17 executive orders that Biden signed on Wednesday:

  • Require masks on federal property
  • Rejoin the World Health Organization*
  • Set up a Covid office that reports directly to Biden*
  • Extend foreclosure and eviction moratoriums
  • Freeze student debt collection
  • Rejoin the Paris climate accords*
  • Revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and cancel other Trump administration energy rules*
  • Nix the 1776 Commission*
  • Unwind Trump’s changes to the census*
  • Strengthen legal protections for “Dreamers”*
  • Abolish the “Muslim ban”*
  • Cancel the Trump administration’s interior enforcement rule*
  • Halt construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall*
  • Extend deportation protections for Liberians*
  • Ban workplace discrimination against LGBT employees
  • Implement an ethics pledge for all executive branch officials
  • Freeze Trump’s “midnight regulations”*

12 out of 17 orders were reversals to Trump’s orders. (indicated with *)

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