Ronaldo rejects multi-million deal to promote Saudi tourism

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Kathmandu, January 24. 35-year-old Portuguese star footballer Christiano Ronaldo has rejected a £5.3million offer to be the face of Saudi Arabian tourism for a year.

Telegraph reported that the £5.3million offer includes the player making a visit to the tourism places in Saudi Arabia. The photos of the tour shall be used in the promotional materials.

As sports holds a major position in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It has been trying to approach other world class players including Lionel Messi. 

Saudi has been in the hit list of the human rights organizations including Amnesty International, who claim that the Kingdom is trying to shadow its human rights violations with strategies involving world-class sports. Saudi is also heavily criticized for its brutal participation in the Yemeni Civil War.

Media reports suggest that these issues of human rights violations could be behind Ronaldo’s rejection of the multi-million offer.

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