Supreme Court turns down Trump’s bid to hide his financial records

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Credit: John Locher/AP

Kathmandu, February 23. The United States Supreme Court on Monday rejected former president Donald Trump’s request to shield his financial records from the prosecutors in New York. 

The nation’s highest court dismissed the 18-month long battle of Trump to hide his financial activities including personal and corporate tax returns. The New York County District Attorney office is now expected to retrieve Trumps records within a few days and continue its criminal investigations. 

Attorney Cyrus Vance has been leading a criminal probe on hush payments to two women and possible fraud before the 2016 presidential election. He has been seeking Trump’s documents through a jury subpoena since August 2019. 

Earlier, when Trump was the president, he was immune from any part of the criminal justice system, including grand jury investigations. But now, Vance can seek to use the records obtained from the accounting firm at Mazars USA, as evidence to file criminal charges against Trump.

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