Pre-monsoon season begins in Nepal

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The pre-monsoon has made its way into the country from today, ending the winter season. 

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in a bulletin today said that the pre-monsoon has begun from March 1. The pre-monsoon period mainly runs for three months: March, April and May. 

The period is marked by the continuous influence in weather in the afternoon and evening, namely storm, hailstorm and lightning in the hilly region.

 The Department has urged caution to one and all for the damages occurring due to storm, hailstorm and lightning. 

The influence of local wind began to be felt with the end of the winter, according to meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar. “The influence of local wind was felt with the rise in temperature,” she said, adding that the pre-monsoon’s presence would be felt in the hilly areas only. 

During this period, lightning occurs when the westerly wind collides with local wind, according to her.

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