India clears 13,000 fresh troops for borders with Nepal, Bhutan and Tri-Junction area

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Kathmandu. The Indian government has decided to deploy 13,000 additional troops at the borders connecting India-Nepal and India-Bhutan. The troops will also occupy the tri-junction area at Sikkim.

The Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) has a capacity of 90,000 personnel and they have been deployed to guard the 1,751-km open border with Nepal and the 699 km one with Bhutan.

A total of 12 battalions is said to be raised in phases in the next four years. The battalions shall be used to fortify the strength of SSB along the border and tri-junction area at Sikkim. They shall also be used to reduce inter-border outpost distance, strengthen trade and transit routes along the Nepal and Bhutan border.

The Home Ministry of India has allowed the deployment of troops in phases due to financial constraints.

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