Humans are flawed

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As we are in uncertain times, here I write a poem about what being human is all about. Humans are fast to think about saving themselves and judging others, whether it is the country’s prime minister or us, but at the end of the day, we all are humans and humans are flawed.


As the sun sets on the horizon

With the hope of a new dawn

Each day new exceptions and pressures are put upon


Assuming and giving up seems easy

When the times are uncertain and heavy

It becomes kinda difficult to put yourself up and steady


Making mistakes are part of life

Learning from it gives you life lessons

Sometimes giving and taking goes beyond recognitions


Situations have turned upside down

As if the leaves that were once green have now turned brown

The pandemic taught us to stand strong without a frown


Disconnecting has became an acceptable trait

Building networks and holding on has become difficult

Lines of human relationships seems forever waiting to be untangled


We need to light our own candles to the end of the tunnel

Humans are flawed

Some accept it and some do not

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