King of Cope Ujjwal Dai

Poem by Shyam Gaire

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Sound of breath stir me to write ; Prayers with tears flowing for your sight ;

“Pace your effort” gestural sound arises by heart; Chirps stop and wood awake to correct mud;


Your lucity about loathsome politics which buried in our life;

Energetic,dynamic,silence and visonary life you have;


Smiling face with smiling heart is your will; Languid mood against tyranny is his wheel; His sideral body sleeping at sickbed;

To cope for nonviolence with emotional mindset;


Dear intellect, fire is wrapping by ass; When jolt emerge to hoop then situation will be best;

Oh! Supreme personality of godhead, please present with him; Tears of firefly will stop which our theme;


Everyone is waiting about your victory to write;

Get well soon dear Ujjwal dada: Shyam Gaire

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3 thoughts on “King of Cope Ujjwal Dai

  1. Congratulations,the young poet and spiritual philosopher.Keep up.Poem’s suitability of the title,beginning,middle and ending produce human feelings.The appeal is universal,organic and natural when somebody known is suffering.There is green rays to flowerish and be a successful poet.Best wishes for you and thanks for the publication.

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