PM Narendra Modi should accept his mistake and listen to experts in rebuilding India, says Rahul Gandhi

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Kathmandu, June 18. Congress leader and member of the Indian Parliament, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday opined that India will start to rebuild only when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will acknowledge his mistakes.

Earlier in May, the World Bank published a report on the economy of COVID-19. The research found that India’s annual GDP, which had shrunk by 8 percent, was the worst in Asia. The pandemic pushed 75 million people in India below the poverty line of living under $2 a day.

While sharing the findings of the research, Gandhi wrote on his twitter handle,“This is the result of GOI’s pandemic mismanagement. But we must look at the future now. Rebuilding our country will begin when PM acknowledges his mistakes and seeks help from the experts,”

Gandhi further added, “Living in denial will not solve anything.”

The graph shared by Rahul Gandhi recognizes India as the largest contributor to the global rise of poverty during the pandemic.

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