Sunsari: Student leaders demand early vaccination to exam-appearing students

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Kathmandu, July 19. Student leaders of Sunsari district have urged the government for speedy vaccination to all students and academic professionals working for upcoming exams. 

Nepal’s largest university Tribhuvan University has announced an exams schedule for the month of Shrawan. Students’ leaders are weary of possible COVID-19 outbreak within exam-appearing students and other staff. 

”Unvaccinated examinees have a high risk of infecting and transmitting coronavirus. Therefore, they need early jabs before appearing in their scheduled exams this month,” demanded Mandip Bhattarai, the district chair of Nepal Students Union. Bhattarai said the available vaccination must be prioritized among examinees, teachers, guards, administrative staff, and all others who are at the forefront of all upcoming examinations. 

He added, ”Vaccination before an examination is urgently required for the safety of all not just for those involved in the examination process as it is said that no one is safe until everyone is safe in times of this pandemic.”  Bhattarai cautioned about a possible Delta variant outbreak from exam centers. 

GB Gazal, the central committee member of All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU) seconded Bhattarai. ”Government needs to treat all exam-related people as frontline people for the vaccination drive,” said Gazal, ”As the exam-appearing number is not so big, the government must prioritize them for the vaccination.” 

Gazal expressed his unhappiness for failing to list students and teachers as frontline people for the nationwide vaccination campaign. 

”From the very beginning students are not in the must-vaccinate group. This is an unbecoming gesture from a governmental authority,” said Gazal. He added, ”This time, we have heard about more vaccines are coming from abroad. Students must be given first priority.” 

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