A rural municipality in Baglung constructs its “own curriculum for school studies”

Students will now be informed about the socioeconomic trends in their local community.

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Kathmandu, July 20. Tamankhola Rural Municipality of Baglung has prepared a local curriculum for the first time in the district. The books based on the local curriculum have been sent to all schools in the rural municipality. 

It was prepared in a year.

The rural municipality informed that efforts were on to introduce ‘Mero Tamankhola’ (My Tamankhola) book from this very academic session. Rural municipality chair Joklal Budhamagar shared that the book would be used for Grade 1 to 5 students. It is resourceful to inculcate knowledge on indigenous culture and customs and local geography to the students who are now unaware of these, he observed. 

“Although the students are aware of national and international issues at present, they are unaware about their local community and socio-economic developments,” he reiterated, adding that they would now have general knowledge of the geography of their locality, social system, and tourism potentials.

The rural municipality spent nearly Rs 700 thousand to prepare the book.

There are a total of 23 schools- 21 community and two private schools in the rural municipality. Culture, geography, agriculture, forest products, livestock etc are some of the topics in the book. 

The seven-member curriculum determination committee having rural municipality chair as coordinator and education officer as member secretary developed the curriculum. Tamankhola Rural Municipality, one of the remote local levels in the district, has been working actively for the socio-economic developments since its establishment.

Chairperson Budha further informed that local curriculum would be expanded to secondary level in two years. The curriculum is developed on the basis of constitutional provision. 

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