Poem of the week: Dear Girl, Thank You! by Shyam Gaire

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I stopped,

Inside the roadways;

Waiting for signal,

To liberate from meandering ways


Benevolent Girl, with tact;

Advice about destination with fact

My meticulous senses started to move,

Round of your conceited digits to be approve


Spring fell down inside her face

Mind portrayed her image, mental pace,

I was absent yesterday, said with melody;

Obscure clarity, mind started to be ready


She started to ask questions,

My hazy memory cannot take part any position

Feeling regret – face seems like shy;

After she started to see blue sky


Oh dear jokes come, she shout;

She tantalizes me and started laughing loud,

Relational bridge established by her jokes and muse

I am empathetic, to remove her confuse


Oh dear memory, don’t betray us

If you loss, our emotional experience could be false,

 Girl said -“it’s our great day”;

Thank You dear girl, traffic– today’s Alzheimer’s birthday – for betray 

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