Pragya Pratisthan extends its Grand Book Exhibition till Bhanu Jayanti

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Kathmandu, July 3. Considering the good flow of viewers, the Nepal Academy has decided to extend its grand book exhibition till July 13.

“Our exhibition shall now extend till Bhanu Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya, “ event manager Sudhir Dangol announced on Sunday.

In celebrating its 65th anniversary, the Nepal Academy (Pragya Pratisthan) launched a 15-day book exhibition on June 19.

According to the official announcement, the exhibition is featuring all books the Nepal Academy published from 2030 through 2079 BS.

“One can find books ranging from a price tag starting from Rs 3,” Dangol told reporters.

The books are classified into 500 different categories, such as linguistics, children’s literature, journals, critiques, culture, science, translation, and philosophy.

“We will provide special discounts on some publications,” Dongol added.


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