Karnali suffers 11 percent drop in agriculture production: Latest Report

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Kathmandu, July 28. On Thursday, the Surkhet-based branch of Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB) released the Half Yearly Economic Activities Study Report (July to December 2021).

As per the new report, the overall agricultural production of Karnali province is found to have dropped by 11.24 percent. 

“Paddy crops have dropped by 11.90 percent, corn cultivation by 8.65 percent, and wheat by 4.95 percent.,” the report writes.

The report also reveals that the total agrarian land area in the province dropped by 6.19 percent, in the six months time period.

“We carried out an on-site study in Mugu. For all other districts, we collected secondary data from administrative records,” NRB said.

In-depth examination of the data identified the cause of decreased land and production as;  inadequate supply of fertilizers, underdeveloped irrigation facilities, and un-updated agriculture techniques.

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