Chitwan Medical College prepares to launch its Cancer wing with an investment of 200 crore rupees

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Kathmandu, August 8.  The Bharatpur-based Chitwan Medical College is currently building a cancer hospital “CMC Cancer Institute” at a cost of Rs 2 billion (200 crore rupees).

Dr. Dayaram Lamsal, head of the CMC Cancer Institute told reporters on Monday, “We are preparing to open the hospital before the Dashain festival, which is approaching in two months.”

Lamsal confirmed that because the hospital is equipped with the latest, modern technologies, patients would no longer be forced to go abroad for treatment. “We have spent over Rs 1.2 billion alone on purchasing modern equipment. Now that we have the latest technologies, the patients will not be forced to go abroad for treatment.”

Lamsal further explained that the facility will provide cancer patients with a variety of treatments, such as brachytherapy, CT scans, bone marrow transplants, and advanced treatment for blood cancer.

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