75 percent COVID deaths were unvaccinated population: Health Ministry urges people to get their booster dose

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Photo: Xinhua

Kathmandu, August 9. The Nepali health ministry on Tuesday revealed that 75 percent of the people succumbing to coronavirus infection were unvaccinated.

Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari, who is an assistant spokesperson at the ministry, told reporters that the unvaccinated population is highly vulnerable to severity and fatality.

Requesting the people to get their first, second, and booster dose of anti-COVID vaccines Adhikari said, “Inoculation of booster dose provides 85 percent protection to the infected from the severity and possible death.”

According to the ministry’s official database, 93.3 percent of the targeted population has already received the first dose of the anti-COVID vaccine, and 88.5 percent have received the second dose.

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