Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Museum launches e-passport

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Kathmandu, August 18. Hanuman Dhoka Durbar is one of the most important heritage sites in Kathmandu. The Hanuman Dhoka Museum is presenting with a unique experience of visiting the site.

The authorities have launched an e-passport for visiting the museum. The e-passport can be downloaded from the official website of Hanuman Dhoka Museum. Visitors are encouraged to download the e-passport and get information about the heritage.

Further, the e-passport is expected to get a physical copy and Nepali version soon.

Moreover, the visitors are expected to give feedback and depending on that, they will be rolling out the e-passport for other heritage sites in Nepal as well.

Check the e-passport: Hanumandhoka E-Passport-19072022_1660208677

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