Putin offering money to women to have 10 or more kids in measures to repopulate Russia

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Kathmandu, August 19. Russian President Vladimir Putin is offering money to women to have 10 or more children, to restore the demographic problem caused by covid pandemic and the war.

The initiative includes a one time payment of £13,500 to give birth and keep alive ten children. The reward scheme is known as ‘Mother Heroine’. Putin added that large families are more patriotic.

Doctors and experts have explained the measure as a desperate one, as the Russian population is tackling the pandemic and the Russia- Ukraine war.

Dr Jenny Mathers, Russian politics and security expert said it is obviously an attempt to encourage or inspire Russian women to have more babies and have really big families.

But, he further added that how can one imagine raising ten kids for that amount; saying that more problems exist in Russia, including that of social, economic and political issues.


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