Nepal Police allocated NRs 8 billion for the upcoming election

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Kathmandu, August 30. Nepal Police has been designated a total of NRs 7. 994 billion for the upcoming elections on November 20.

Out of the total allocated amount, 1.235 billion rupees have been set aside for the Nepal Police and 5.86 billion rupees have been designated for Myadi, or temporary police. Deepak Thapa, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), revealed that the Ministry of Finance had given its approval to the budget.

Moreover, a combined 115,000 temporary police officers and 71,693 regular police officers will be mobilized for the election.

Further, preparations are underway for transportation for the election as well. Nepal Police will require a total of 180 vehicles and process for it is underway.

According to Tek Prasad Rai, the deputy inspector general of police and spokesperson for the Federal Police, the hiring process for temporary police officers will begin in mid-September.

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