UN chief: World is ‘paralyzed’ and equity is slipping away

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Photo: Xinhua

Kathmandu, September 20. The UN chief warned world leaders on Tuesday, warning them that leaders aren’t ready to take challenges that threaten humanity’s future.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, “Our world is in peril — and paralyzed.” Speaking at the opening of the General Assembly’s annual high-level meeting, he revealed the Ukraine war and climate emergency has posed threat to UN goals for 2030.

Further, Guterres said social media platforms are based on a model “that monetizes outrage, anger and negativity.” He added artificial intelligence “is compromising the integrity of information systems, the media, and indeed democracy itself.”

He emphasized on cooperation and dialogue being the two crucial paths to move ahead. Lack of trust and divergence are increased by the day that worried the chief.

Moreover, all leaders were seen wearing masks due to covid. Almost 150 head of state and government are expected to speak for the event.

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