Bulgaria, Romania attempting to join passport-free zone

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Kathmandu, December 8. Bulgaria and Romania have been trying to join hands with European Union(EU) for entering the Schengen zone. The two countries fear disappointment as the EU ministers meet on Thursday.

The two countries have been trying to enter the passport-free Schengen travel region for more than a decade.

Moreover, justice ministers of EU will be discussing bids from the two countries along with Croatia, expecting to get a green light. The two countries want access to smooth trade with rest of Europe but face concerns from Austria over migration from third world countries.

The Schengen zone allows 26 member countries of EU to move freely. Further, four countries are out of EU, making travelers and truck drivers’ movement difficult.

Truck drivers have complained that they want to avoid wasting time in queues and make their travel time and cost efficient.


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