Two Indian Air Force fighter jets crashed during Bombing exercise in Madhya Pradesh

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Kathmandu, January 28. On Saturday morning, two fighter jets of the Indian Air Force crashed while performing in a training exercise in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. An inquiry has been launched to investigate whether there was a mid-air collision.

SU 30 : Pilots Safe

A Russian made twin seater Sukhoi Su-30 crashed near Kolaras of Morena district. Local police have confirmed that the two pilots managed to eject out of the jet before the deadly crash. “The two pilots are safe and are moved to a nearby hospital,” Morena Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Bagri told reporters.

Mirage 2000 : Pilot Missing

Near the crash scene of SU 30, a french made single seater fighter jet Mirage 2000 also went down. The pilot is missing. An air force chopper is searching the area for the missing pilot. 

Both of the jets took off from the air force base in Gwalior, during a bombing practice training session near Morena’s Pahargarh area. Both jets went down at around 10:15 a.m. 

Local residents in Morena captured footage of the incident that showed aircraft debris on the ground.

Mid Air Collision?

Because the wreckage were very close together, it is assumed that the jets collided with their wings clipped, and crashed to the ground.

The Indian Air Force has established a court of inquiry to determine the real cause of the two accidents.


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