Chitwan National Park: 1700 crocodiles raised and released in four decades

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Stock Image by Shelly Collins

Kathmandu, February 3. On Thursday, the crocodile breeding facility in Sauraha released 20 crocodiles into the Rapti River in Chitwan National Park.

According to the national park office, 18 female crocodiles and two male crocodiles were released into the river while commemorating world wetland day. “Seventeen of them are seven years old and three of them are six years old,” Assistant Conservation Officer Raju Ghimire said.

The breeding center was established in 1978 CE. The center gathers eggs from rivers inside the national park, hatches them, and nurtures the babies. Since 1981, the center has released a total of 1,712 crocodiles into the wild. They are released into their natural habitats in Rapti, Narayani, Kaligandaki, Saptakoshi, Kamala, and Babai rivers.

A large number of crocodiles have been raised and released, yet despite this, the population count has not significantly increased. This is because the crocodiles released into Nepali rivers travel to India with the flowing water and never return.

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