Poultry industry and Betel Nut farmers at risk due to illegal imports from India

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Kathmandu, March 24. Local businesses and producers in Jhapa are concerned about the negative impact of illegal imports on domestic production.

“If the illegal imports of chicken and eggs are not stopped, the poultry business in Jhapa could face closure,” The chairman of the District Poultry Producers Association, Bibek Niraula, said that over 4,000 kilograms of chicken and eggs are illegally imported on a daily basis.

“More than Rs 500 million being sent to India every year due to chicken import,” Poultry is the only self-reliant agriculture-based industry in Nepal, and therefore, the state should take action to protect it from illegal imports, Niraula added.

Meanwhile, betel nut farmers have also complained about poor market conditions due to imports from third countries. Nilkantha Tiwari, a betel nut farmer, argued that the country has sufficient production and there is no need for imports from third countries such as Singapore.

“After investing in US dollars for importing from Singapore, there imports are now being supplied to India through smuggling activities,” Tiwari urged to government to impose bans on betel nut import.

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