Turkey takes historic step toward energy independence; Inagurates the Black sea natural gas project

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Kathmandu, April 21. On Thursday, the Turkish government announced that the country has started delivering natural gas from its Black Sea field as part of a flagship project aimed at reducing the country’s energy dependence on Russia and Azerbaijan.

While addressing an official ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the country was “taking a historic step toward energy independence,” noting that the gas field, discovered three years ago, will meet around 30 percent of the country’s gas needs.

According to official data, the gas is being extracted from a depth of 2,200 meters at the offshore Sakarya field via a 170-kilometer-long subsea pipeline and delivered to the newly constructed Filyos land facility in the northern Zonguldak province.

The offshore gas reserves in the Black Sea are estimated to be 710 billion cubic meters, which will be sufficient to meet Türkiye’s domestic gas demand for 35 years.

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