Over 740 million revenue generated as 467 climbers from 65 countries scale Mt. Everest and other peaks in Nepal’s spring season

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Kathmandu, May 10. The Department of Tourism has reported a surge in mountain climbers from around the world seeking expeditions to Mount Everest and other peaks during Nepal’s spring season.

According to the Department, citizens from 65 countries have taken permission to climb Mt. Everest and other peaks this spring. “Till May 8, a total of 467 people from 44 expedition teams have been granted permission for climbing Mt. Everest,” said Section Officer Bigyan Koirala.

The revenue generated from expedition permit fees this spring has surpassed Rs 740 million, with Rs 650 million contributed by the permission for Mt. Everest alone. The data represents a significant increase in revenue collection from previous years. “The Lhotse permission contributed Rs 28.3 million, and the Makalu expedition permission contributed Rs 13.6 million,” added Koirala.

Koirala confirmed that the majority of the aspiring climbers have already arrived and are currently at the Everest base camp or the second camp, waiting for favorable conditions to begin their journey to the Everest summit.

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