Bagmati Province government to introduce new act for enhanced operation of Youth Scientist Encouragement Fund.

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Kathmandu, May 26. The Bagmati Province Government announced on Friday that it is preparing to draft a new Act for the systematic operation of the Youth Scientist Encouragement Fund.

Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel stated, “The government is committed to promoting new technology and research. We are currently funding five research projects, two of which have already been completed, while the remaining three are in the final stages.”

He added, “The Act would improvise the current procedures governing the Fund.”

During a program organized by the Province Government to showcase the achievements of five projects, the Chief Minister highlighted the Fund’s orientation towards inspiring scientists to embrace new technology.

Kumari Moktan, the Social Development Minister and Chairperson of the Fund, reported the successful completion of projects involving the conversion of safari vehicles into electric vehicles, a project led by Engineer Basanta Ale.

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