Wild Honey Hunting in Khotang: Sampang Rai Community Ventures into Treacherous Mahabhir Cliffs

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All Photo: Kedar Magar/ RSS

Kathmandu, June 16. The Sampang Rai community from Kapilasgad Rural Municipality fearlessly ventures into the treacherous cliffs of “Mahabhir” to harvest wild honey. This traditional honey hunting takes place every year during the revered Ubhauli festival.

In the first photo, community members are seen preparing for their adventurous expedition with handcrafted tools, nets, and baskets. These essential items help them navigate the challenging terrain and capture the prized honeycombs hidden within the cliffs.

The second photo showcases Kishor Rai, a local youth, fearlessly hunting for wild honey in the challenging cliffs of Mahabhir. He actively participates in the annual honey-hunting tradition.

In the third photo, a skilled honey hunter returns triumphantly after successfully harvesting wild honey from treacherous cliffs.

The fourth photo captures the careful process of extracting honey from the harvested honeycombs.

All Photos: Kedar Magar/ National News Agency

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