‘Nai Nari Gaurabi’ Awards Recognize Exceptional Nepali Women in Australia

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Kathmandu, June 16. The Nai Academy Australia has awarded the ‘Nai Nari Gaurabi’ awards to exceptional women in various categories during a cultural program in Granville, Australia. The ceremony took place in anticipation of the upcoming Teej festival.

The esteemed ‘Nai Academy Australia Women of The Year, 2023 Award‘ was bestowed upon individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to their respective fields. Notable awardees included Jamuna Gurung in the education and social service category, Dr. Archana Koirala in science and technology, and Nari Nikunja Australia for their impactful social service. Each award was accompanied by a purse of 500 US Dollars.

Additionally, Nai Academy Australia recognized prominent women leaders with letters of appreciation for their substantial contributions to diverse sectors in Australia. Notable recipients included Sweta Mainali, Usha Kiran Bariya, Ranju Wagle, Pratishtha Gautam, Anji Sherpa, Neena Shahi, and Pratigya Adhikari. Seema Roshi, Founder and Chairperson of Nai Academy Australia, shared this information.

During the event, Nanda Gurung, former chairperson of NRNA, Australia, highlighted efforts to promote Nepali culture, art, and language in Australia. Anil Pokharel, the newly-elected Chairperson of the organization, emphasized the importance of collaboration between NRNA and organizations like Nai Academy.

Dona Dewis, an Australian lawmaker, praised the commendable work of Nai Academy Australia.

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