Kim Jong Un Visits Russia: Meeting Putin Raises Global Concerns

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Kathmandu, Sept 12: North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has taken a long train journey to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin. This is a very important meeting that could affect the whole world, especially the situation in Ukraine.

The United States is worried because it seems Russia wants to buy weapons from North Korea for the war in Ukraine. This has raised concerns because it could make the conflict in Ukraine even worse.

On the other hand, North Korea has some requests too. They are asking for food aid, which means they need help getting enough food for their people. They also want technology to help with their nuclear and missile programs, even though these programs are not allowed by the international community.

The meeting is happening in Vladivostok, a place in Russia that’s quite close to North Korea, but we’re not sure exactly where they will meet because Kim’s train is going in a different direction.

This trip is very important because it’s Kim Jong Un’s first time leaving North Korea in four years. The last time he met with President Putin was in 2019. Many countries around the world are paying attention to what happens in this meeting.

The United States is worried about North Korea selling weapons to Russia because it could make the situation in Ukraine worse. North Korea needs help with food and technology, but their nuclear and missile programs are not allowed by the world.

We don’t know yet what will come out of this meeting, but it’s a big deal because it can affect the whole world. We need to watch closely and see what the leaders decide because it could change how countries work together and how safe the world is.

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