Today, Nepali Women Kickstart the Joyous Teej Festival Celebration!

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Kathmandu, Sept 17: The vibrant and lively atmosphere of Teej festival has begun to sweep across Nepal today, as women eagerly kick off their preparations for this cherished celebration. It’s the much-anticipated “Dar Khane Din,” the day when married women extend heartfelt invitations to their beloved daughters and daughters-in-law to join them in a delightful culinary adventure.

This isn’t just any ordinary meal; it’s a feast of tradition, love, and jubilation. The kitchens are abuzz with activity as these women prepare an array of scrumptious, mouthwatering dishes that have been passed down through generations. Sweets and savories are meticulously crafted, with each bite brimming with the essence of Teej’s festive spirit.

But, there’s more to come! The fasting rituals of Teej commence a bit later, and before they embark on their spiritual journey, these women indulge in a delightful spread of sweet and savory treats. It’s like a flavorful warm-up session, granting them the energy and vigor needed for the days ahead.

The essence of Teej lies in its fasting, and women across Nepal embrace this practice with great zeal. They will abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours, observing the formal “Nirjala Vrat” fast. It’s a devotion to health, happiness, and the prosperity of their husbands.

As Dr. Ramchandra Gautam, a revered scholar in Hindu religious studies and former head of the Nepalese Calendar Determination Committee, explains, today’s joyous meal is only the beginning. The formal Teej festival, a multi-day affair filled with traditions and rituals, lies ahead. There’s the enchanting “Rishi Panchami” on the third day, followed by a day dedicated to the worship of the beloved Lord Ganesha. Finally, the festival culminates with a refreshing bath and the reverent worship of the Seven Sages on the fifth day.

The arrival of Teej sets hearts aflutter with anticipation, and the air is filled with infectious excitement and boundless joy. It’s a time for women to come together, celebrate their traditions, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. As they embark on this festive journey, the spirit of Teej fills their hearts, promising days of merriment, devotion, and togetherness.

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