Unique Arctic Safari Camp: More Than Just Animals

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Kathmandu, Oct 11: In the far northern part of Sweden, there’s a special camp called the Aurora Safari Camp. It’s not like typical safaris where you see lots of animals. This camp is unique because, for much of the year, there are no animals to watch. The camp was created by a man named Jonas Gejke, who used to work in Africa managing safari camps. He decided to bring the idea of a safari camp to the Swedish Arctic.

People visit this camp mainly to see something incredible in the night sky called the Northern Lights. It’s like the camp’s version of lions or leopards in a regular safari. But there’s more to this place than just that.

The camp lets you experience the local culture and try their traditional food. You get to live in the heart of the Arctic and connect with the people and nature there. It’s not just about animals; it’s about everything around you.

For the people who come here, it’s not only about seeing the Northern Lights. It’s about enjoying the whole Arctic experience. They come back year after year because they find something very special here.

The camp even has cabins with glass roofs, so you can watch the Northern Lights from your bed. It’s a place that proves a safari can be more than just animals. It’s about the beauty of the Arctic, the culture, and the experiences that become lasting memories.

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