Suman Sirma: A Young Entrepreneur’s Inspiring Story

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Gorkha Oct 12: In a beautiful village called Fuldaanda in Gorkha, there’s a young girl named Suman Sirma. Even though she’s just in the fifth grade, Suman is doing something amazing. She’s taking care of a bunch of chickens, and her work is an inspiration to her community.

Suman’s journey into business started when she decided to raise chickens in a small shed near her home. She didn’t have much space, but she was determined to help her family make some money. She began her journey as a poultry farmer.

After learning the basics of poultry farming, Suman left her home to find work in a foreign country, looking for better job opportunities to support her family. But back in her village, she was still taking care of her chickens. She found that raising chickens could help her make money.

Suman explained, “Even with a little piece of land, I could build a small coop and start with just a few chickens. I could make some money by starting small.” This small beginning eventually made her self-reliant.

Now, with proper training, Suman is managing her poultry business like a pro. Her chickens are healthy and happy. She knows how to keep them well, feed them right, and give them a clean place to live. The training not only taught her how to take care of the chickens but also how to run her business.

Suman believes that even small businesses can make a big difference in solving money problems. “Starting small and growing my business slowly has helped me earn around NPR 80,000 every month,” she proudly shared.

Suman has about 70 chickens now, and her business is going well. She doesn’t have to rely on the money her husband sends from abroad anymore. Her earnings have lightened the financial burden on her family.

Suman’s journey into entrepreneurship was made possible with help from her community and organizations. She got training in poultry farming, which gave her the skills to start her own business.

Through this project, Suman learned how to start a small business and become self-reliant. Her story shows that even in tough situations, anyone can start small and grow a business over time.

While she used to work in a foreign country and be far from her family, Suman now feels proud of her poultry business. She’s happy with the money she makes and believes that it’s a great way to support herself and her family.

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