Clash Erupts in Balkhu Between CPN-UML Youth Union and Durga Prasai Group

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Kathmandu, Nov 23: Tensions flared in Kathmandu’s Balkhu area as a clash unfolded between the National Youth Union of CPN-UML and supporters of Durga Prasai. The confrontation escalated when Youth Sangh activists encountered Prasai’s supporters at the designated location, leading to a clash marked by stone-throwing on both sides.

The National Youth Union of Nepal intended to voice concerns about government actions during their demonstration. Meanwhile, Prasai’s group initiated the protest with the aim of challenging the existing system. The clash underscores the broader issues of dissent and differing perspectives within the community.

Durga Prasai’s “Nation, Nationality, Religion, Culture, and Citizen Rescue Campaign” had organized a demonstration in Balkhu, coinciding with the arrival of the Youth Sangh rally. As tensions unfolded in one part of the city, the Youth Sangh continued their demonstration at Tinkune, highlighting the complex landscape of political and social unrest in Kathmandu.

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