Installation of Embossed Number Plate in Vehicles Mandatory

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Gandaki, Nov 27: Transport Management Office, Pokhara, has made the embossed number plate system mandatory for all vehicles applying for their registration at the office from Sunday.

Office Chief Dilli Rijal shared that authorised documents would be provided to service recipients only after installing embossed number plate in their vehicles.

He mentioned that fixation of embossed number plate in all new vehicles has been made mandatory as per the circular of the Department of Transport Management and decision of the office.

Rijal said, “Installation of embossed number plate has been made mandatory in new vehicles as well as embossed number plate will also be fixed in old vehicles regularly.”

The Office has informed service recipients and auto-rickshaw entrepreneurs to compulsorily install the embossed number plate in their vehicles.

All the details of vehicle and owner are mentioned in the technology-based embossed number plate, he added.

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