Empowering Lives: Remote Villages in Bhojpur District Finally Experience the Glow of Electricity

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View from Temke Dada, Bhojpur. Photo: Nepal Magazine

Bhojpur, Nov 28: In a significant stride towards progress, the remote villages of Khoksing and Baurang in Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality, Bhojpur district, have finally welcomed the long-awaited arrival of electricity. The power supply has illuminated approximately 300 households, marking a transformative change in the lives of the local residents.

For years, the absence of electricity had posed challenges for the villagers, impacting their daily routines and limiting their access to modern conveniences. The recent introduction of power supply has not only eased their lives but has also opened doors to new possibilities.

Dil Kumar Yogi, a delighted local resident, expressed how the power supply has made their lives significantly easier. He highlighted the newfound ability to use electric appliances for various purposes, including grinding. The initiative, made possible with the assistance of the ward office, has brought tangible improvements to the quality of life in these remote communities.

Rupman Shrestha, another resident, shared the positive impact of electricity on information access. With the advent of power supply, the villagers now enjoy internet services, television, and other means of communication. This has enabled them to stay informed about both national and international news, connecting these remote areas to the broader world.

Bach Kumar Rai, the Ward Chairman of Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality-8, reflected on the challenges faced in electrifying the geographically isolated villages. He acknowledged the prolonged efforts invested in making this dream a reality and emphasized the severe struggles faced by the locals due to the lack of power supply.

Rai proudly announced the successful electrification of Khoksing and Baurang villages, assuring that the entire ward would be electrified by the coming year. To achieve this goal, the ward office plans to allocate Rs 1.2 million for the purchase of electric wires, demonstrating their commitment to improving the lives of those residing in these remote areas.

The electrification of these villages not only signifies an infrastructural milestone but also symbolizes a brighter and more connected future for the residents of Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality.

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