Generous Contribution to Tribhuvan Poudel Memorial Revolving Fund

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Kaski, Nov 28: In a heartfelt gesture, Sushila Rai and Ramchandra Rai, residing in Japan, have contributed Rs 100,000 to the Tribhuvan Poudel Memorial Revolving Fund on Monday. This fund, established in memory of Pokhara’s esteemed journalist Tribhuvan Poudel, aims to honor his legacy and contributions to journalism.

The Tribhuvan Poudel Memorial Revolving Fund, worth Rs 1 million, was initiated by the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Gandaki Province Committee in remembrance of their founding chairman, Tribhuvan Poudel, who tragically lost his life in a Yeti Air plane crash on January 15, 2023.

Sushila Rai, a former journalist herself, and Ramchandra Rai’s generous contribution was handed over to the Committee’s General Secretary, Govinda Subedi, during a function in Pokhara.

Chair of FNJ Kaski, Bimala Bhandari, expressed the need for collective support to transform Tribhuvan Poudel’s dreams into reality. She emphasized that the media fraternity is still grappling with the loss of the dedicated journalist and founding chairman.

General Secretary Subedi provided an update on the cumulative contributions to the fund, revealing that a total of Rs 400,000 has been received from various sources, including journalists, organizations, and individuals.

The continued support and contributions to the Tribhuvan Poudel Memorial Revolving Fund not only pay tribute to a respected journalist but also contribute to the realization of his vision and aspirations within the media community. The fund stands as a testament to the enduring impact and legacy of Tribhuvan Poudel in the field of journalism.

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