Morang Industry Association Set to Ignite Economic Activities with 10-Day Trade Expo

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Morang, Nov 28: In a bid to stimulate economic activities and promote a diverse range of products, the Morang Industry Association has announced its plans to host a 10-day Trade Expo in Biratnagar. The Expo, scheduled to commence on December 22, 2023, and conclude on January 1, 2024, is anticipated to play a pivotal role in showcasing and boosting the country’s economic landscape.

Nabin Rijal, Chairman of the Morang Industry Association, highlighted the significance of the Trade Expo as a platform to promote agricultural, touristic, and industrial products. The event is not only set to feature local products but will also host goods and producers from neighbouring countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, fostering regional collaboration.

A total of 250 stalls will be erected, with a special provision for agricultural goods and productions from Sudurpaschim Province and remote areas to have free access to stalls. This inclusion aims to support and uplift small and cottage industries, providing them with a valuable platform to showcase their offerings.

The Trade Expo has broader objectives, including expanding national and international markets for inter-provincial goods and services, establishing business relations among national and international investors, and promoting tourist destinations through dedicated promotional events.

Chairman Rijal expressed optimistic expectations for the Trade Expo, forecasting a business turnover of Rs 150 million and the attendance of approximately 400,000 visitors from Nepal and India. The event is not a new endeavor for the Morang Industry Association, which has been organizing such Trade Expos since the year 2053 BS. As a consistent contributor to economic development, the Association’s Trade Expo continues to be a catalyst for growth, fostering connections and opportunities for businesses both nationally and internationally.

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