Progress Unveiled: 14 Motorable Bridges Completed on Jhapa-Sunsari Section of Madan Bhandari Highway

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Jhapa, Nov 28: In a significant development, 14 motorable bridges have been successfully constructed along the Jhapa-Sunsari section of the Madan Bhandari Highway, out of a total of 37 planned. Gopal Prasad Khakurel, Chief of the Damak Office of the Madan Bhandari Highway Project, provided insights into the substantial progress, indicating that a major portion of the remaining bridges is also near completion.

The completed bridges exhibit a commendable range in length, spanning from 40 meters to an impressive 400 meters. Notably, these structures traverse vital waterways, including Dale, Mugu, Khudum, Morange, Nusari, Sukhani, Buddhi Sukhani, Tangting, Bayang, Teli, Bijuwa, Bakuwa, and Ratuwa rivers.

Khakurel highlighted the significant accomplishment of a 400-meter-long bridge over Khudumkhola, while also noting the construction of shorter bridges over Dalekhola and Bakuwakhola.

While the primary structures of many bridges have been completed, the project encountered challenges in developing approach roads. Cumbersome processes for obtaining approval to fell trees posed obstacles in this aspect of the construction process.

Khakurel expressed that the construction of all the bridges is now in the final stages. However, he acknowledged that a budget crisis has hindered the pace of construction work, reflecting the intricate balance between progress and financial constraints.

Despite these challenges, the completion of 14 motorable bridges marks a significant stride forward in enhancing connectivity and infrastructure along the Jhapa-Sunsari section of the Madan Bhandari Highway. As the project advances towards its final stages, the anticipation grows for the positive impact these developments will have on transportation and accessibility in the region.

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