Dhorpatan Valley Embraces First Snowfall, Bringing Chilling Changes

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Balewa (Baglung), Dec 4: The picturesque landscape of Dhorpatan woke up to the season’s inaugural snowfall today, transforming the region into a winter wonderland. Chief Birendra Kandel of the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve Office reported that snowfall graced both Dhorpatan and the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve during the morning hours.

“This marks the first snowfall in Dhorpatan this year, and the entire valley is now draped in a pristine blanket of snow. The freezing temperatures accompanying the snowfall have significantly impacted normal life in the region,” shared Kandel.

Local resident Kul Bahadur BK highlighted the challenges faced by the community, stating, “The snow has made it difficult to provide fodder, feed, and water to our livestock. The freezing cold has added an extra layer of difficulty to our daily lives.”

As Dhorpatan Valley embraces this seasonal transformation, residents find themselves adapting to the new conditions brought about by the snowfall. The charm of the snow-covered landscape, however, comes with its share of challenges, making it a time of both beauty and adjustment for the people of Dhorpatan.

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