Jatayu Restaurant’s Conservation Efforts Soar as Vulture Population Increases Fourfold in Nawalparasi

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Nawalpur, Dec 4: In a remarkable success for wildlife conservation, the population of vultures in Kawaswoti, Nawalparasi, has witnessed a staggering 400 percent increase, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Jatayu Restaurant. Established in 2006 through community engagement, the restaurant aimed at safeguarding endangered bird species, particularly vultures.

A recent study conducted in the area has revealed that the number of vultures has risen remarkably, with a count of 517 individuals. DB Chaudhary, Chairperson of the Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee and a passionate conservationist, shared insights into the remarkable progress.

“When the restaurant was just beginning, a count of 77 vultures from seven species was recorded. Today, the latest study shows a remarkable growth, with 517 vultures representing eight different species, along with the identification of 100 vulture nests in the region,” Chaudhary stated.

He attributed the success of the vulture protection campaign to the collaborative efforts of the community, government, and international non-government organizations. Chaudhary emphasized the crucial role played by the local residents, governmental support, and international partners in making the conservation initiative a resounding success.

The Jatayu Restaurant stands as a testament to the positive impact that community-driven conservation efforts can have on preserving endangered species and maintaining biodiversity. As the vulture population flourishes, the restaurant’s model serves as an inspiring example for wildlife conservation initiatives globally.

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