PM Prachanda Reflects on One Year in Office, Pledges Hope and Governance Reform

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Patan (Lalitpur), Dec 6: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ asserted that the current government has successfully instilled a ray of hope among the people within one year. Speaking at an interaction program on ‘Nepal’s economy and form of governance,’ organized by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers at the Nepal Administrative Staff College in Lalitpur, the Prime Minister pledged to introduce and implement a new approach in service delivery, development endeavors, and policy formulations.

“We have completed a year in office, and I am in the pursuit of a way to instill more hope among the people,” stated the Prime Minister.

Addressing the competency of Nepal’s bureaucracy, he acknowledged its knowledge, experiences, and ability but emphasized that there is a gap in its utilization. He called for discourse to explore ways to bridge this gap between the competency of bureaucracy and its utilization.

The Prime Minister highlighted the need for coherence between political leadership and bureaucracy to achieve better results. He expressed the government’s focus on improving the overall governance system, ensuring a citizen-oriented service system, and establishing a result-based system through a dedicated commission.

“People will remain discontented until there are reforms in the government service system,” he emphasized, stating that the satisfaction level of citizens depends on the services they receive and the development status.

PM Dahal urged the bureaucracy to prioritize improving the existing system to ensure prompt services to citizens. He stressed the importance of identifying areas for administrative and economic improvements and raising hopes for citizens.

While acknowledging the government’s efforts to promote good governance, social justice, and prosperity, he admitted that complete satisfaction has not been achieved, and the economy, though improving, has not been completely liberated from pressure. The Prime Minister concluded by emphasizing that the evaluation of government services and development should not be interpreted politically.

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